Montréal’s Innovative Waste Management Companies Revolutionizing Sustainable Tech

With growing concerns over environmental sustainability and the rise of technology, the waste management industry has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. Companies, particularly those based in Montréal, Quebec, are developing and adopting innovative solutions to deal with waste. Ranging from transformation into biofuels to the automation of bird control tools over landfill sites, these companies are pushing boundaries and bringing about significant changes in the sector. This article highlights some of the companies based in Montréal that are effecting this change.

Montréal, known for its thriving tech scene, has emerged as a hub for innovation in the waste management industry. With increased investments into clean tech, and an ecosystem that supports the start-up culture, Montréal-based companies are offering various technological solutions to handle waste while contributing towards environmental sustainability.

The companies profiled here cover a broad spectrum of waste management segments, with solutions ranging from biofuels, recycling, environmental consulting, machine learning and artificial intelligence, among others. Each profile gives a glimpse into the work these companies are doing to create a more sustainable world through effective waste management.


Enerkem is a cleantech company that is transforming waste into transportation biofuels, renewable chemicals, and everyday products. Their mission is to address the challenges of oil dependence and waste disposal in an innovative, efficient way. Enerkem was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Montréal.


Pyrowave is a pioneer of the Plastic-to-Plastic microwave-based chemical recycling technology, bringing plastics back to their molecular state, which allows infinite recycling of plastics. Their cutting-edge technology is at the global forefront for a new generation of plastic recycling.


Wastack is an environmental consulting company that aids landfill operations by automating bird control tools on sites. Specialists in the fields of waste management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and environmental consulting, the company was founded in 2016.


Operating from Montreal, Evirum is an environmental consulting company that offers solutions in the sphere of recycling and waste management.

Affinor Growers

Affinor Growers is a diversified publicly traded company on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Evolving from organics and dealing with waste management, they operate under the symbol (“AFI”) on the stock exchange.

Allen Maintenance

Allen Maintenance is a Montréal-based company operating in the construction, real estate, and waste management industries. They provide a broad range of services to maintain clean, operational locations for their clients.


Ecocat is a innovative company specializing in the welfare of cats. Their flagship product is an eco-friendly tofu-based cat litter that is delivered straight to the consumer’s doorstep.

BIOSOR Technologies

BIOSOR Technologies is a company that develops wastewater treatment technology solutions in the United States and Canada. Through their continuous efforts, they are focused on managing waste in an more efficient and effective way.

Written by Mark Smith

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