Most Used Industrial Metal Cutting Techniques

Most Used Industrial Metal Cutting Techniques

Businesses in the manufacturing industry need to be able to make quick and precise cuts to shape materials into more valuable designs. The approach they take can have a significant impact on the finished product. These are the most used industrial metal cutting techniques.


For those who want to take a more traditional approach, cutting with a saw works with many types of metals. Saws make it easy for workers to get a straight cut.

People often use circular saws because they last a long time and can cut materials quickly without much effort. Maintaining a sharp edge on your saws will allow you to cut without causing chips or accidentally breaking the material.

Laser Cutting

When manufacturers must make precise cuts every time, lasers offer higher accuracy and programmable repeatability. Laser cutters are reliable and offer a faster turnaround time than traditional cutting tools.

Understanding the difference between plasma and laser cutting will allow you to streamline the process. Laser cutting is fast, cheap, and energy efficient, while plasma cutting produces lower-quality products and generates excess heat.


For some industrial applications, having a metal-cutting technique that doesn’t generate heat is essential. Waterjet cutting is a cold-cutting process that results in clean lines, and you can use it on most materials.

Waterjet cutting offers a safer environment for workers and reduces the amount of slag that forms during the manufacturing process. Waterjets can cut metal of nearly any thickness, making them a versatile choice for businesses. Unfortunately, these machines tend to break down and can regularly disrupt operations.

Use the Tools That Are Best for the Job

Manufacturers have a lot to think about when deciding how to cut metal for fabrication. A firm grasp of the most used industrial metal-cutting techniques will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Considering the end product’s material, timeline, and desired quality will help you make the right choice and get back to running your business.

Written by Dianne Pajo

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