Oslo’s Pioneering GreenTech Firms Leading Sustainable Technological Revolution Worldwide

Oslo, the capital of Norway, has become a hotbed for start-ups disrupting the industry in the field of GreenTech, demonstrating Norway’s commitment to improving environmental sustainability. These organizations are striving to find innovative solutions to global environmental issues, and in the process, they are creating consequential social and economic growth. Below are some of the remarkable Oslo-based companies that are making a sizable difference in this space.

It is important to highlight the shared belief among these businesses that our society can leverage the power of technology to provide a more sustainable future for our planet. As they tap into the potential of GreenTech, they are opening pathways to new possibilities — from changing how we interact with our homes and offices, to transforming how we address critical issues such as waste management, energy consumption, and climate change.

The companies included in this feature reflect a broad range of industries. They exemplify Norway’s prowess in GreenTech, showcasing the country’s dedication to supporting start-ups that are invested in creating environmentally sustainable business models. Despite the variety, these companies share a common thread – a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet and a firm commitment towards building a greener, more sustainable future.


The brainchild of founders Anders Lier, Haakon Brunell and Tharald Nustad, Katapult is on a mission to make the world a better place. They operate in various areas, such as Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, and Smart Cities. They believe in using capital and business to solve some of the most pressing challenges the globe is grappling with today. Through their investment in impact tech startups, they are leading by example and creating a movement for impact investing. Learn more about them and their mission on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dag Wisland, Novelda specializes in nanoscale wireless low-power ultra wideband technology for designing high resolution impulse radar. The firm, which operates in various sectors including Green Building, GreenTech, and Semiconductors, provides sensor solutions for Human Presence Detection. They pride themselves on offering the world’s most accurate and reliable sensor solution enhancing user experiences and security for consumer electronics in addition to making significant energy savings within building automation. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Empower is at the forefront of the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Co-founded by Carl Nesset, Gjermund Bjaanes, and Wilhelm Myrer, Empower aims to use blockchain-powered tracking to digitize waste streams and create new markets for waste materials. Find out more on their Facebook page or connect via LinkedIn.


Futurehome is helping make homes and buildings smarter and safer. Founded by Bjarne Handeland, Erik Stokkeland, Odd Eivind Evensen, and Sigbjørn Groven, the company offers smart home solutions that increase efficiency and security. Get updates from Futurehome on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Zendera AS

Zendera AS is actively involved in the field of GreenTech, focusing primarily on the possibilities within logistics and transportation. Founded by Kim Iversen, this company is diligently working towards using technology to aid in the fight against climate change. More about their work can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Hagal is an enthusiastic participant in the realm of renewable energy. The firm was founded by Kent Thoresen and is presently working dedicatedly to make a positive environmental impact in the field of energy storage. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Zeipt, co-founded by David Alexandre Salvail and Sebastian Rundqvist, is eliminating paper receipts by replacing them with smart digital receipts. Learn more about their mission on Facebook or connect via LinkedIn.

Bio Office

Bio Office provides environmental consulting services aimed at creating greener homes and gardens. Despite the unknown founders, they have made substantial strides and contributions in the GreenTech industry. You can know about their latest updates from their Facebook page or connect via LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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