Overland Park’s Pioneering Oil and Gas Tech Enterprises Profiled: Futurology Series

The Kansas heartland is home to several significant players in the oil and gas sector, specifically in Overland Park. This city, known for its vibrant local economy, homes several companies that are contributing their share to local and national fuel demand, and are also looking ahead to innovative ways the energy industry can evolve. While many consider the oil and gas industry to be strictly reserved for large cities such as Houston, the quaint city of Overland Park, Kansas, hosts multinational giants and pioneering startups in this sector. Let us take a closer look at some of these companies.

Whether you are an investor interested in the energy sector, a job seeker who wants to learn more about oil and gas companies in Kansas, or simply a curious reader interested in learning about the economic fabric of Overland Park, this series will provide valuable insights. It will introduce the organizations involved in the energy trade, their industry profile and contribution, their founders, and any links to their website and social media platforms.

The following are some of the companies that have their headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, that have a significant presence in the oil and gas industry. These companies add a dynamic mix of both local and multinational perspectives to the Kansas energy sector.

Lettermen’s Energy

Founded by Bill Ruisinger, Eric Derheimer, Eric J. Bruun, and Ken Atchley, the company operates in the consumer goods, energy, and oil and gas industry. Lettermen’s Energy focuses on providing a propane platform for families and businesses. Connect with them on LinkedIn

Solea Energy

Solea Energy was established by Lawrence R. Smith. The company operates in the energy, logistics and oil and gas industry. Solea Energy offers marketing services designed to suit the power marketing needs of its customers. The company provides services like logistics delivery, risk management, and supply aggregation. Contact them on LinkedIn


A publicly traded Fortune 1000 company, Ferrellgas was founded by A.C. Ferrell. It operates in the agriculture, energy, oil and gas, and transportation industry. Serving approximately one million customers across America, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, Ferrellgas can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

ETC Endure Energy

Operating in the energy, oil and gas, retail, wholesale industry, ETC Endure Energy primarily focuses on wholesale power and crude oil. The company successfully caters to a diverse client base nationwide thanks to their exceptional and reliable services. Reach them on LinkedIn

Effective Project

A subsidiary of Ferrell North America, Effective Project is an engineering firm operating in the chemical, construction, industrial design and oil and gas industry. They offer comprehensive engineering and design services to the energy market. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook

Ferrell North America

A subsidiary of Ferrellgas, Ferrell North America operates in the air transportation, logistics and oil and gas industry. Get in touch with them on LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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