Palo Alto’s Pioneering Energy Companies Revolutionizing Sustainable Future Technologies


Rich in diversity and teeming with innovation, Silicon Valley plays host to several pioneering companies that aim to revolutionize the way we operate as a society. Particularly in the field of energy, many trailblazing organizations have been sprouting from its fertile soils. In this series, we delve into the profiles of several such standout firms, each calling Palo Alto, California, their home. These energetic startups and mature organizations alike are championing changes in the energy sphere with their novel technologies; from renewable energy solutions to revolutionizing energy storage, these companies are truly ones to watch.

Our selected companies for this feature are Noon Energy, Mitra Chem, OneD Battery Sciences, Domatic, Encored, ResFrac, Terrajoule, Nanom, Kraftwerk, HST, and MudWatt. Each company possesses a unique approach to addressing the world’s energy-related challenges, and their innovative solutions are paving the way to a more sustainable future woven with technology.

Subsequently, we celebrate these game-changers and shed light on each company’s unique contributions to the ever-evolving energy industry. So without further ado, let’s embark on this short journey exploring the budding and thriving organizations operating in this exciting space.

Noon Energy

Located in Palo Alto, Noon Energy specializes in developing flow battery technology for economical long-duration energy storage. Founded by Christopher Graves in 2018, this company designs systems to make renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy more viable, regardless of weather fluctuations. Noon Energy actively contributes to the clean energy transition. You can read more about their work on LinkedIn.

Mitra Chem

Mitra Chem, established in 2021 by Chirranjeevi Gopal, Vivas Kumar, and William Chueh, is a Lithium-ion battery material company aiming to revolutionize electrification for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. Their iron-based cathode materials innovation and commercialization is a game-changer in the energy storage field. Get to know more about Mitra Chem on their LinkedIn page.

OneD Battery Sciences

Within the field of nanotechnology, OneD Battery Sciences strives to enhance the performance of electric vehicle batteries. Founded in 2013 by Vincent Pluvinage and Yimin Zhu, OneD’s SINANODE technology increases energy density in EV battery anodes, thus reducing costs. Learn more about their advancements through their LinkedIn page.


Integrating innovation into the construction and IT realms, Domatic offers a unique approach to build intelligent, sustainable buildings faster and at a lower cost than ever before. Founders Gladys Wong and Jim Baldwin leverage their rich backgrounds in hardware, software, networking, and machine learning to create these connected and intelligent systems. To know more, visit their LinkedIn page.


Representing the united front of energy experts, mathematicians, statisticians, psychologists, and computer scientists, Encored provides big data solutions to decipher energy utilization patterns. The innovative platform developed by this group of specialists led by Jong-Woong Choe helps in making electricity a more sustainable resource of energy. To find more about Encored, visit their LinkedIn page or Facebook page.


Metaphorically going beneath the surface of energy technology, founder Mark McClure’s ResFrac offers specialized engineering software and services for the exploration and production industry. Espousing a focus on fracture mechanics and reservoir engineering, they endeavor to push the envelope in oil and gas extraction technology. Check their LinkedIn page for their latest updates.


Established in 2009 by founders Robert Mierisch and Stephen J. Bisset, Terrajoule is at the forefront of renewable energy innovation, offering modular 2MW solar power stations with storage. The company is driving the transition to sustainable energy with their technology, which allows round-the-clock dispensation of clean energy. You can learn more about their groundbreaking work on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Armann Kojic in 2017, Nanom develops nano-enhanced materials for battery technology. Their innovations contribute to more sustainable and smarter products with extensive enhancements in efficiency and longevity. Follow their innovative journey on their LinkedIn page or their Facebook page.


The pioneering venture of Martin Pentenrieder, Sascha Kuehn, and Tom Rice, kraftwerk has developed a unique technology that converts various fuels directly into electricity, rendering mobile applications more energy efficient. Stay connected with their evolving ideas through their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.


Committed to bringing clean energy to 1 billion people, HST — a venture of Rudy Roy and Santanov Chaudhuri — is a leading multi-sided marketplace for clean energy project infrastructure. Their clean power development operating system, View®, facilitates interactions between clean power developers and energy buyers. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Winding up our list but electrifying in their novelty, MudWatt challenges traditional power generation with their offerings in renewable energy and STEM education. Founded by Keegan Cooke and Kevin Rand, MudWatt provides an engaging platform for budding engineers and scientists to build their own living battery that feeds on mud! Follow their innovative work on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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