Philadelphia’s Renewable Energy Leaders Transforming Tomorrow’s Sustainable Power Landscape.

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Philadelphia is a city rich in history, innovation, and an enduring commitment to change for the better. With an eco-friendly mindset at its heart, it is a burgeoning hub for the Renewable Energy industry, with numerous corporations carving a sustainable future. Today, we’re exploring a selection of these companies that are pushing boundaries in the industry and helping to create a greener future for us all.

Whether it’s driving financial returns from energy profiles, developing clean water solutions, or building infrastructure towards energy efficiency, these companies excel at their mission to unlock a sustainable world. Let’s dive in and explore all that these companies have to offer.

These companies, each with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, are at the forefront of the industry in their approach towards renewable energy and have shown promising potential in their respective fields.

Lauren International

Based in New Philadelphia, Lauren International‘s commitment to conducting business in an environment-friendly way is consistent with their commitment to social responsibility. As one of the leaders in the Renewable Energy sector, they are pushing boundaries and inspiring innovative solutions. Connect with Lauren International on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Doral Renewables

Known for developing utility-scale renewable energy projects, creating jobs, investing in communities, and promoting a cleaner planet, Doral Renewables showcases a commitment towards a greener future. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Viridity Energy

Founded by Alain Steven and Bruce Sher, Viridity Energy has successfully transformed how energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid. They believe in using resources wisely to make a positive impact. Catch the latest updates from Viridity on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Amriton, founded in 2014, specializes in water treatment technology, removing harmful pollutants from water using polymer-coated sand. This innovative company places a strong emphasis on clean water solutions for a healthier environment. Learn more about Amriton on their website.

Customized Energy Solutions

Founded by Stephen Fernands, Customized Energy Solutions is dedicated to assisting clients in managing and staying ahead of the changes in the wholesale and retail electricity and natural gas markets. Their focus is on promoting economic development through the advancement of transparent, effective, and non-discriminatory energy markets. You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Michael Wong and Oladayo Adewole, InstaHub creates simple solutions to automate energy savings, providing instant light automation without the logistical and financial bottlenecks involved. Find them also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ultra Capital

Ultra Capital, Founded by Mike Reynolds, invests in sustainable infrastructure, energy transition, and industrial decarbonization. They’re building partnerships with management teams, operators, and industry experts towards a green future. Connect with them on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Penn Power

Penn Power Group is a providers of clean and efficient diesel and multi-gas engines, transmissions, transport refrigeration products, hybrid products and power generating equipment. Stay updated with them on Twitter.


Kingsbury is another pioneer in the renewable energy sector. You can learn more about their contributions within the energy industry on their LinkedIn page.


With its eye towards a sustainable future, Tioga is paving the way in the renewable energy industry. Connect with Tioga on Facebook and Energy Plus Company

As another driver within the renewable energy industry, Energy Plus Company is marking its own footprint and making waves with its innovative energy solutions. Discover more about the Energy Plus Company on their website.


Written by Mark Smith

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