Phoenix’s Pioneering Innovations in the Smart Building Industry Revealed

Welcome to another installment of our series focusing on the Smart Building industry – a rapidly advancing and innovative sector in the 21st century. From buildings that can reduce their own energy usage to those with advanced security features, the smart building industry is redefining the way we live and work. Today, we turn our spotlight towards Phoenix, Arizona, looking at the cutting-edge companies operating in this industry from this vibrant city.

Phoenix is not only an economic powerhouse in the Southwest, but also a burgeoning pioneer in tech and smart building markets. Home to a multitude of companies ranging from telecommunications to construction, Phoenix offers a vibrant ecosystem that is shaping the future of building technologies. In this feature, we will take a deep dive into some of the trailblazing organizations based out of this dynamic city.

These companies aren’t just making strides in the smart building industry; they’re crafting the blueprint for our future homes and offices. Offering services that encompass design, construction and building management, these organizations are implementing new-age tech solutions that only serve to highlight Phoenix’s pivotal role in the United States’ smart building landscape.

Iota Communications

Co-founded by Barclay Knapp, Carole Downs, and Terrence DeFranco, Iota Communications is a leading player in the Internet of Things, Network Security, and Smart Building. Iota provides a wireless network carrier system and software-as-a-service platform tailored for IoT. From energy optimization to ancillary services such as solar energy and LED lighting, Iota is shaping the future of smart and sustainable buildings. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Arizona Fireplaces

As a wholesale installing distributor of fireplace equipment, Arizona Fireplaces plays an integral role in the smart building industry. This company brings the warmth of a fireplace into modern homes and buildings, offering the latest and greatest fireplace brands and models on the market. Their team of experts guides homebuilders and owners through installation, final start up, and even homeowner orientation. Keep up with them on Facebook.

Chanen Construction Company, Inc.

Chanen Construction Company, Inc. is a recognized name in the smart building industry, involved in building material, construction, and management consulting. Their experienced team is responsible for the inception and completion of numerous groundbreaking projects. Interested parties may follow their latest projects and innovations on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Ward Group

With over 50 years of building science experience, the Ward Group stands at the forefront of building maintenance, construction, professional services, and smart building. From commercial to governmental projects, the Ward Group provides a range of tailor-made services, ensuring every structure they work on meets OSHA, ADA, and industry standards. Follow their work on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded in 1986, McCarthy Nordburg is an architectural interior design firm specializing in creating smart workplaces. From higher education to medical offices, McCarthy Nordburg’s skill in crafting spaces that inspire while delivering measurable results sets them apart. Keep up with their latest designs on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.

ECS Arizona

In the realm of construction, lighting, and smart building, ECS Arizona certainly stands out. Providing customized solutions to meet a range of client needs, this company is a strong player in this industry. Interested readers can keep up with the company on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Granite Bay Apartments

Granite Bay Apartments are a testament to the combination of construction, rental property, and smart building. With one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and amenities like large swimming pools and a fitness center, Granite Bay Apartments offers a smart living solution. Stay connected with them on Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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