Plano-Based Energy Firms Pioneering Future Sustainable Technological Innovations

Located in the southern state of Texas, Plano houses a number of pioneering energy companies that are driving the energy evolution. These diverse companies, ranging from startups to established firms, operate in various sectors within the energy industry. They include power conversion solutions providers, consumer goods companies, oil and gas exploration firms, software and services companies for automating commercial buildings for energy responsiveness, and many more. This article takes a closer look at these distinguished companies, their mission, achievements and how they are contributing towards a greener and more sustainable future.

G.O.A.T. Fuel

Based in Texas, G.O.A.T. Fuel is a health-forward product company that operates in the Consumer Goods, Energy, Fitness, Food and Beverage, Personal Health sectors. The company promotes health by offering a diverse range of energy drinks loaded with various flavors and nutrients. The company’s information can also be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Torchlight Energy Resources

Torchlight Energy Resources is an oil and gas exploration company. Founded by John Brda, the company focuses on the acquisition and development of domestic oil fields, and the exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas properties. Keep up to date with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Founded by Dean Kennedy, Texakoma is an oil and gas exploration, operation and production business company. Its mission is to utilize cutting-edge geological and engineering data and techniques to increase and expand its oil and gas operations domestically. Their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles provide more information.

Santa Fe Midstream

Founded by Amer Rathore, Santa Fe Midstream is a natural gas, crude oil, and NGL midstream services company. It specializes in developing natural gas gathering, treating, compression, and processing systems. The company prides itself on creating value for customers by acquiring, developing, and managing oil and gas midstream infrastructure. Check out theirLinkedIn profile for more.

Vedero Software

Providing software and services to instrument and automate commercial buildings for energy responsiveness, Vedero Software LLC is helping large commercial organizations to meet their sustainability goals. Follow them onFacebook and LinkedIn for updates and announcements.

JPG Energy Management

JPG Energy Management is yet another promising company in Plano, offering services that are key to the energy sector.


Operating in the Renewable Energy and Semiconductor sectors, Sol-Ark is another company with significant contributions to the industry. Stay in touch with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lineage Power

Acclaimed for delivering reliable and intelligent power conversion solutions, Lineage Power has been leading in innovation for nearly a century. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages provide detailed information.

Legacy Income Properties

Legacy Income Properties provides high net worth individuals with energy-based, royalty-specific investment opportunities driven by years of energy investment expertise and private wealth management experience. The company was founded by Mark Mersman and Mark Solomon.

Denbury Resources

Denbury Resources Inc. is an independent oil and natural gas company with a focus on carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery (CO2 EOR) operations. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more.

Think Power Solutions

Founded by Hari Vasudevan, Think Power Solutions is an innovative player in the energy industry. The company also contributes to Environmental Consulting while leveraging Email services. You will find further details on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles too.

Written by Mark Smith

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