Pleasanton’s Innovative Solar Tech Companies Revolutionizing California’s Green Energy Sector

Welcome to the latest installment in our ongoing series highlighting companies in the solar industry. Today, we’re turning our attention to the city of Pleasanton, California – known for its Mediterranean climate, excellent wine production, and a rich tapestry of technology-driven, eco-conscious businesses making headway in the renewable energy sector. This vibrant city is home to several pioneering companies, each contributing to the development of more sustainable and innovative solutions to energy usage and management.

These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, intersecting with sectors like Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, and more. The impressive breadth and depth of the contributions these firms are making to the ongoing energy revolution are clear indications of the vitality and creativity that characterizes Pleasanton’s thriving solar industry.

Let’s dive in and explore these companies bringing the future to today with their transformative solar industry operations.

Wexus Technologies

Launched by founders Chris Terrell and Chris Vines, Wexus Technologies is upping the game in energy management through optimizing energy, water, and food resources amid climate change and growing populations. Their Wexus (Water-Energy-Nexus) software platform harnesses IoT technology and flexible SaaS plans to drive renewable energy plus water intelligence for the food and agriculture industry. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Enact Systems

Enact Systems, founded by Deep Chakraborty, is revolutionizing solar and energy storage project management with its robust software platform. Used in over 20 countries, it allows sales teams to design, price, sell, finalize contracts, and track projects remotely. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Chint Power Systems Americas

Chint Power Systems Americas operates in the Electronics, Manufacturing, Product Management, and Solar industries. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Founded by Boris Kobrin, Julian Zegelman, and Mark Brongersma, Rolith is pioneering advanced nanostructured products for consumer electronics, solar and green building markets using proprietary nanolithography technology. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Innolia Energy

Founded by Arvind Reddy, Innolia Energy designs, integrates, and manufactures innovative solutions in the solar, storage, and electric vehicle sectors. Facebook | LinkedIn

Photovoltaics California

Photovoltaics California provides solar services such as monitoring, reactive service, maintenance service and more for large scale utility systems. LinkedIn

Meridian Energy USA

Under the leadership of founder Neal Dikeman, Meridian Energy USA provides renewable electricity for sale to utilities, municipalities and other customers. LinkedIn

NuLife Power Services

NuLife Power Services operates in the Building Maintenance, Energy, Home Renovation, and Solar industries. Facebook | LinkedIn


Sola-Brite operates in the Energy Efficiency, Retail, and Solar industries.Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

First Edison

First Edison operates in the Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries. Facebook| LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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