Porto Alegre’s Solar Pioneers: Shaping Brazil’s Renewable Energy Future

Welcome to Brazil’s solar industry! Home to a rapidly growing sector, Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul is becoming a hub for innovative solar companies. These companies are pioneering in their sectors, creating and selling sustainable solutions for projects ranging from power generation to energy efficiency, developing value for society in economic, social, and environmental sectors. This article provides an overview of some of Porto Alegre’s leading solar companies that are driving forward the sustainability agenda.

With the current environmental crises faced globally, the search for alternative and clean energy sources has become a priority. Solar energy stands among the forefront of these sources, and Porto Alegre seems to encapsulate this very trend. The city is currently a thriving ecosystem for renewable energy companies, significantly contributing to the solar sector. Each company brings a unique spin to the industry, leading novel initiatives, focusing on all sizes of renewable energy generation, and implementing intelligent solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the companies driving forward this sector in the city.


SunnyHUB, established by Guilherme Correa, lies in the heart of Porto Alegre, contributing significantly to the energy sector with its solar solutions. More details regarding this company will be updated soon.


Sevenia works in the energy sector, providing environmental consulting, distributed generation, and energy efficiency. Founded in 2016, it provides customized solutions for sustainable projects focused on power generation and optimized electric energy utilization. you can follow them on Facebook here.

Avant Solar

Established in 2017, Avant Solar offers innovative services in the Brazilian solar energy sector. The company designs, implements, maintains, and sells energy acquired through solar radiation. Avant Solar operates on a photovoltaic system rental model, offering sustainability and savings to its customers. You can follow them on Facebook here. They also have a LinkedIn account.


Founded by Telmo Borba Magadan and Daniel de Moraes Andrade in 2012, BrainEnergy aims to develop intelligent solutions for large-scale renewable energy generation. Their emphasis lies in wind energy, solar energy, and the availability of a smart energy grid.You can follow them on LinkedIn here.

GreenTech & Projects

GreenTech & Projects offers project management and installing systems for homes and small businesses. Founded in 2018, their primary focus is on solar energy, with a goal to provide clients with quality projects employing modern sector practices. Details regarding their social media platforms will be updated soon.

Incentive Solar

Incentive Solar forms an important part of the renewable energy sector in Porto Alegre. Their main focus is photovoltaic solar energy, aiming to provide the best energy solution for their clients through care for every detail from design to maintenance. You can follow them on Facebook here. They also have a LinkedIn account.

Porto Alegre’s solar industry, characterized by the many companies pioneering in this sector, further promotes Brazil’s commitment towards a sustainable future. These companies don’t just pioneer solar power in Brazil, but are also setting a great example on international stage.

Written by Mark Smith

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