Prague’s Green Tech Pioneers: Transforming Renewable Energy Industry Innovations


The renewable energy industry is known for its unparalleled innovation and promises of a greener future. This sector continues to surge ahead with technological advancements enabling new and modern businesses to emerge. While renewable energy is a global industry, some cities like Prague have created a nurturing environment for start-ups and established companies alike. It is noteworthy to mention that several businesses are revolutionising the renewable energy industry from Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic.

This feature will throw light on some established and emerging companies that seek to reshape the renewable energy sector. Each company is unique in its offering and strives to contribute positively to the industry and our environment. The insights into their operations, services, and the team behind these innovative firms can inspire others.

This is the first article in the Futurology series that aims to introduce readers to companies in the renewable energy industry whose headquarters are located in Prague. The series will also provide an overview of their founding teams, brief descriptions, and a link to their respective websites.


A brainchild of Daniel Helcl, Ing. Karel Naprstek, and Jiri Sveda, Woltair is an app-based company that operates in the renewable energy industry. With a focus on heating installation processes, they digitize every aspect, from lead generation and sales and installation to after-sales support. Connect with Woltair on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Solarity, another successful company operating in the renewable energy industry in Prague, focuses chiefly on solar energy. Stay updated about their developments through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Frankensolar Eastern Europe

Frankensolar Eastern Europe provides a free preliminary calculation to its customers. This calculation involves the types and costs of technologies for solar power plant projects. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

EP Power Europe

EP Power Europe plays a pivotal role in power generation, lignite mining, and renewables and trading. The company stands out in the renewable energy industry with its unique energy utility offerings.

Horizon Educational

Horizon Educational combines education with renewable energy. Providing hands-on STEM kits that cover technologies ranging from solar photovoltaics to wind power and more. Learn more about their educational programs like Horizon Hydrogen DIY Race and more, on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Delving into consulting, energy, environmental consulting, and renewable energy, ENVIROS offers a wide array of services in the renewable industry sector. Stay in touch with their operations on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


A manufacturing company in the renewable energy industry, SolarPartner also works on solar energy. Connect with them on their Facebook page.

Andrew Solar Energy

Andrew Solar Energy provides comprehensive solar power plant installation services. From power plant design to warranty services, the company does it all while being accessible to customer inquiries.


DECCI handles the niche of energy efficiency and management in the renewable energy industry. They emphasize optimized panel performance and employ experienced service technicians.

Solar Global

Solar Global represents the energy sector and specializes in solar energy. Operating from Prague, they are another key player in the renewable energy industry representing the Czech Republic’s commitment to a greener future.

Eogen Servis

Eogen Servis operates in the energy, facilities support services, and facility management sector of the renewable energy industry. They contribute to the industry from Prague.


Written by Mark Smith

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