Prominent Provo Energy Innovators Transforming the Future of U.S. Tech


Provo city, situated in Utah, United States, leads the way in terms of energy innovation. It is home to a diverse range of energy companies, from renewables and green tech to energy management and industrial transportation. This article uncovers some of these notable, forward-thinking businesses and how they are revolutionizing the energy industry.

Each company has carved out its own niche in the energy landscape, leveraging unique approaches and pioneering technologies to bring sustainable, efficient, and advanced energy solutions to market. Their contributions make Provo a significant hub for energy research and breakthroughs.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these companies and see how they are making a difference not just in Utah, but the world at large.


Zanskar operates in Greentech, Information Technology, Predictive Analytics, and Renewable Energy. They have developed a predictive platform informed by vast data for discovering previously unknown geothermal resources and enabling subsurface characterization, thereby enhancing and reducing risk in geothermal resource exploration.

Raser Technologies

Raser Technologies, Inc. is a geothermal power development and technology licensing company. Through its Power Systems segment, it develops renewable geothermal electric power plants and bottom-cycling operations. Its Transportation and Industrial segment focuses on commercializing motor enhancement technologies for applications like vehicle propulsion systems.


Solcius is rapidly growing in the residential solar sector. This company operates across various industries including Building Material, Energy, Mining, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Web Design.

Brio Energy

Also operating in the Energy, Mining, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries, Brio Energy delivers renewable energy solutions tailored to individuals and businesses alike. Its main focus is on harnessing the power of the Sun to provide sustainable energy alternatives.

Dark Energy

This innovative firm was co-founded by Garrett Aida and William Lam. Dark Energy creates rugged, waterproof hunting tech products that are Special Forces field-tested and specially designed for hunting’s demanding environment.


Co-founded by David Richard Hall and Marshall Soares, RelChip is a privately-held semiconductor company. The firm emerged from a high-temperature ASIC group and now delivers extreme environment, reliable semiconductor products that enable systems previously unattainable in aerospace, energy, and utilities.

Energy Capital Group

Offering renewable energy services to energy, finance, construction, government, and international businesses, Energy Capital Group is a keen player in the field of renewable energy. They cater to the rapidly growing renewable energy sector by providing consulting services.

Right Angle Engineering

This company specializes in consulting services for energy, environmental, and renewable energy industries. By providing expert consulting services, Right Angle Engineering helps businesses achieve their energy goals in the most efficient, sustainable way possible.

Tipping Bucket

Founded by SaraJoy Pond, Tipping Bucket is a venture philanthropy platform that aids non-profits, social businesses, and startup social entrepreneurs to leverage social media and garner support. It launches one specific “Change the World” project at a time, garnering support through various social media channels.

Written by Mark Smith

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