Raleigh’s Innovative Recycling Companies Shaping Environmental Tech Future

The bustling city of Raleigh, North Carolina is reputed not only for its Southern charm but also for its strong commitment to a sustainable future. One key sector at the forefront of this endeavor is the recycling industry. With numerous companies headquartered here, their contributions to waste management, environmental consulting, and renewable energy are noteworthy. We spotlight these pioneering companies – providing an overview of their operations, their role in the sector, and their impact on the environment and communities.

These companies work in several sub-sectors of the recycling industry, including information technology, consumer goods, and waste management. Each one, with their unique business models and innovative strategies, manifests a dedication to resource preservation and sustainability. With advancements in recycling technology and heightened commitment to green operations, they contribute significantly to the overall local economy while protecting the environment.

As we delve into the profiles of these companies, we’ll explore how they successfully muss up business and environmental stewardship, shaping the landscape of the recycling industry within the region and beyond. If you’re interested in learning more about what these companies have to offer, we’ve included links to their official websites to get first-hand information about their operations.


Headquartered in Raleigh, WasteZero was founded by Mark Dancy with the vision of cutting down solid waste drastically. The company achieves this by implementing waste reduction programs in partnership with municipalities throughout the nation. Its programs reduce solid waste by an average of 44% annually. The company also manufactures all of its program supplies, including custom-made plastic trash bags produced from recycled content. Further information can be found on their social media platforms: @WasteZero, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Providing eco-friendly alternatives to common household goods, CalicoSol is a beacon in the recycling and consumer goods industry. More about this company’s innovative solutions can be found via their website as well as on their social media channels: @SolCalico, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Waste Industries

Founded by Lonnie Poole Jr., Waste Industries is committed to providing environmentally sound solutions to solid waste disposal and recycling. The company strives to provide a hassle-free waste experience, exceeding customer expectations time after time. Keep up-to-date with their activities on @WasteIndustries, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dewitt Technology Solutions

Standing at the intersection of recycling and information technology, Dewitt Technology Solutions is a noteworthy inclusion to Raleigh’s recycling scene. Find more about their operations on their website and @dtsct Twitter handle, or visit their LinkedIn page.

Blue Sky Solutions

Blue Sky Solutions focuses on the safe disposal of corporate IT assets and electronics. The company is committed to certified electronics recycling and offers a range of services including data destruction and equipment de-installation. For updates, check out their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

Dumpster Mate

Dumpster Mate is revolutionizing waste management with their integrated dumpster enclosure system aimed at a variety of businesses, from grocery stores to military bases. Visit their website for more information about their innovative solutions.

Rain Barrels Intl

With a vision for sustainable water use, Rain Barrels Intl has marked its footprint in the recycling industry. Stay connected with them through their @rainbarrelsintl Twitter, Facebook page, and LinkedIn account.

Written by Mark Smith

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