Rancho Cucamonga’s Pioneering Innovators in the Precious Metals Technology Industry

In the heart of Rancho Cucamonga, California, a cluster of innovative companies are reviving and reshaping the precious metals industry. By embracing advanced technology, these trailblazers are refining traditional practices and demonstrating new possibilities for a sector as old as civilization itself. This roundup introduces some of the standout businesses that are driving transformation in this illustrious city.

Rancho Cucamonga has long been a hub for the fabrication, refining, and sale of precious metals. Its strategic location and rich industrial heritage have given rise to a diverse network of industry leaders. In industries ranging from aerospace manufacturing to high-end jewellery production, these companies leverage their deep-rooted expertise and forward-thinking strategies to build a bright future.

Regardless of whether they’re pioneering new techniques for refining gold or harnessing the latest technology to manufacture complex components, all share a relentless enthusiasm for innovation, a feature that stands Rancho Cucamonga’s precious metals scene apart from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout companies making waves in this sector.


GoldMax has emerged as a trusted name in the retail and supply chain management of precious metals. Although their full description and list of founders is not readily accessible, their industry stance and accessibility through their LinkedIn profile underscores their commitment to client service and precious metal industry excellence.

Mindrum Precision

With a legacy extending over sixty years, Mindrum Precision has made several contributions to humankind’s technological advancements. Specializing in ultra-high tolerance components, they’ve supplied their precision parts for critical projects from unmanned missions in our solar system to components for every Predator drone in existence. Their dedication to client service whether governmental contractors or small startups, speaks volumes about their commitment to quality. Connect with them on their Facebook page.

Brown Metals Company

As a stalwart in the precious metals industry, Brown Metals Company works across the industrial, manufacturing, and packaging services sectors. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and check out their latest updates on Twitter.

GW Crystal

Adding a unique spin to the precious metals scene, GW Crystal combines the industry’s diligence with creativity. While not much detailed information is provided, their website offers a glimpse into their innovative approach to the manufacturing of gift items in this sector.

Angel Jewelers

Creating magic with precious metals, Angel Jewelers is a manufacturer of beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Expertise in gold, silver and platinum, along with their array of services from engraving to appraisals by a certified gemologist, makes this company a go-to for anyone with an eye for detail and quality. Stay updated with their latest designs on Facebook and Twitter or get professional insights on LinkedIn.

Tri-Tech Metals

Serving as a reliable metal supplier in the precious metals industry, Tri-Tech Metals offers a broad spectrum of metals with impressive customer support. From stainless steel to mu metal and tantalum, their product range caters to a diverse clientele. Connect with them via their LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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