Renewable Energy Innovations: Spotlight on Netanya-Based Israeli Companies

In this issue of Futurology, we delve into the renewable energy industry in Netanya, HaMerkaz, Israel. This growing sector has been contributing significantly to advancements in sustainable farming, electrical distribution, and energy technology, and have even found parallels with computer technology as well. In fact, several companies have been instrumental in these developments, demonstrating not just innovation and enterprise, but a commitment to the environment and the planet’s future. Today, we highlight some of these companies, and in doing so, present a glimpse into the energy-conscious nature of forward-thinking Israeli enterprises.

The topic of renewable energy is not just about ensuring a continuous supply of power for the world’s growing population and industrial demands, it’s also about finding ways to do so sustainably, and without compromising the planet’s health. These companies, with headquarters located in Netanya, HaMerkaz, are certainly rising to that challenge, bringing sustainable solutions to various sectors, from agriculture and waste management to power distribution and even information technology.

Through probes into the creation of zero-carbon emissions to technology that offers efficient electricity management, these companies present an incredible breadth of applications to the renewable energy arena. Let’s lean in and get to know them a little better.

SGTech – Zero carbon, sustainable farming

Founded in 2015 by Gal Levin and Shimshon Horn Horn, SGTech stands at the intersection of agriculture, environmental engineering, renewable energy, sustainability, and waste management. Inspired by a vision to contribute towards a more sustainable planet, SGTech addresses environmental issues arising from improper waste management in the livestock industry, resulting in impressive innovations in nutrient recovery, integrated biogas solutions, and water recycling.

Supergas Energy

Supergas Energy, another game player in the renewable energy sector in Netanya, operates in the realms of electrical distribution, energy, oil, and gas. Details about the company’s founders and its specific contributions to the industry are not readily available.


Fulfilling a vision to enhance grid stability and resilience, Vollspark, founded by Liran Katzir in 2016, works to convert conventional solid-state transformers into real-time, remotely-controlled smart devices. By optimizing voltage at several points in the distribution grid in real-time, Vollspark boosts acceptance of distributed generation and renewable energy by the grid.

Delek Group

The Delek Group is another major player involved in the energy, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors in Netanya, HaMerkaz. Although some specifics about its contribution to renewable energy are not publicly available, there is no doubt about its presence in this thriving industry.

SolarPower Israel

Founded by Avinoam Levy, SolarPower Israel Ltd is a leading system integration company delivering renewable energy solutions. Being a designer, integrator and installer of solar energy systems, the company efficiently caters to applications related to grid-connected systems, rural electrification, telecommunications, security and irrigation among others.


HydroSpin, though details about its founders are not available, is known to operate at the crossroads of computer technology, consumer electronics, energy, information technology, and renewable energy.


Sonol is another player in the renewable energy industry with operations also reaching into the energy, oil and gas sectors. More about the specifics of the company’s operations are currently not available, however, its presence in this key industrial sector is clear.

Computerized Electricity Systems (CES)

Computerized Electricity Systems (C.E.S.) addresses the challenge of efficient electricity management at the user level, providing an answer to the global demand for verifiable, flexible residential and commercial Demand Side Management (DSM) solutions.

These Netanya-based companies exemplify the latest push in renewable energy innovation. Their unique contributions to their fields foster an energy-conscious world, echoing the principles of efficient power management and consumption, green technology, and sustainable development.

Written by Mark Smith

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