Reno’s Pioneering Environmental Engineering Firms Redefining Future Sustainability Solutions

Welcome to the exciting world of Environmental Engineering companies in Reno, Nevada, the ‘Biggest Little City in the World.’ Reno has built a reputation as a leading hub in the environmental engineering industry, with a vibrant ecosystem of pioneers and innovators redefining the relationship between technology, environment, and sustainability. These companies span across diverse industries such as energy, agriculture, environmental consulting, and biotechnology. A shared commitment to address climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and shape a more sustainable future binds them together.

This series aims to shed light on some of the innovative environmental engineering companies that have chosen to call Reno, Nevada, their home, pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Our focus today is on leading companies like ElectraTherm, Climate Forecast Applications Network, and Project Baseline. We will explore the unique blend of ingenuity and resilience that these companies embody in their day-to-day operations and their broader roles in fostering environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Consider this article your guide to the movers and shakers of Reno’s green tech scene. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know, including their industry, company bios, and social media platforms and websites where you can learn more.


Founded by Richard Langson, ElectraTherm is a privately-funded clean energy company. Their innovative systems have developed sustainable solutions for capturing readily available waste heat, converting it into fuel-free, emissions-free energy. Their other offerings include Gas Pressure Reduction Generators, serving the oil and gas industry. For more information, visit their social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Climate Forecast Applications Network

Climate Forecast Applications Network operates in the Environmental Engineering and Information Technology industries. You can find out more on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Project Baseline

Specializing in Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Marine Technology. Follow them on their Facebook or LinkedIn page for updates on their ventures.


Operating in the AgTech, Environmental Consulting, and Environmental Engineering industries, PureSite is making a mark. Their LinkedIn page provides more information about their work and initiatives.

OG BioTech

OG Biotech works towards finding solutions to the negative effects of chemical fertilizers. They bio-remediate soils, leaving no residues that can contaminate waterways. Head over to their Facebook or LinkedIn platforms to find out more.

Manuel Weyman Group

Founded by Frederick Manuel and Roland Weyman, this Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy company is among the sector’s leading lights. Check out their LinkedIn page here.

Inland Ecosystems

A company specializing in Construction, Consulting, Environmental Consulting, and Natural Resources.


Founded by Bob Stapp, E3CLO is an entity that is making a difference in Communities, Environmental Engineering, and Sustainability.

Walker Basin Conservancy

Walker Basin Conservancy actively manages water assets and develops conservation opportunities. Follow their efforts through their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.

EM Strategies

EM Strategies is an environmental consulting firm that assists diverse industries with property development needs, evaluation of environmental effects, and compliance with regulations.


An outstanding Agriculture, Environmental Engineering, and Organic industry player. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for more insights.

These environmental engineering firms represent the energy and innovation that characterizes Reno’s environmental engine. They are not only forging ahead with unique solutions but demonstrating how environmental engineering can be a driver for sustainable and impressive growth.

Written by Mark Smith

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