Revitalizing Detroit: Futuristic Approaches in Michigander Recycling Tech Companies


Detroit, known famously as Motor City, is rising as a hub for environment-friendly initiatives in the United States. The city is home to several companies driving the change in the recycling industry. They are transforming the way we handle our waste, convert waste materials to valuable resources, and significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

These industry leaders in waste management and recycling are not only revitalizing Detroit’s economy, but they are also playing a crucial role in bettering the environment. By adopting advanced technologies and innovative methodologies, they are addressing intractable environmental issues around waste disposal.

This article sheds light on several pioneering recycling companies based in Detroit, who are developing and implementing green solutions that are defining the future of waste management and recycling. Let’s take a look at who these forerunners are and what innovative work they are doing.

Usher Oil Company

Usher Oil Company, a Detroit based firm, is leading the waste management industry in the niche of Oil & Gas recycling. Despite being shrouded in the veils of anonymity, the founders have built a significant presence in the city. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

Disposal and Recycling Technologies (DART)

Disposal and Recycling Technologies, also known as DART, offers an array of services in managing, treating, and recycling industrial waste streams. DART leads in the treatment of both off-site and on-site non-hazardous industrial wastewaters, including landfill leachates that typically contain heavy metals, oils, and other contaminants.

Ryan’s Pick-A-Part

Ryan’s Pick-A-Part stands out in the Automotive Recycling, Sales, and Transportation industry in Detroit. While the founders remain private, the company is making headway in recycling auto parts effectively. They are popular on Facebook and can also be found on LinkedIn.

Detroit Renewable Power

Detroit Renewable Power is driving the integration of waste management, recycling, and renewable energy. The company’s contact methods are through mail, phone, and a physical address in Detroit. Their social media presence spans both Facebook and Linkedin.

VMX International

VMX International offers a unique blend of Environmental Engineering, Project Management, Recycling, and Waste Management. The founders have created a strong operation offering non-hazardous waste collection, recycling, and disposal services to various sectors. VMX is well connected across social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Detroit Disposal and Recycling

Being a strong player in Commercial, Environmental Consulting, Recycling, and Waste Management, Detroit Disposal and Recycling are creating a name for themselves in Detroit’s recycling industry. The company’s online presence is seen on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Company

Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Company is doing substantial work in the fields of Environmental Engineering, Mining, and Recycling. Based in Detroit, the company’s work has a significant impact on waste management and recycling in Michigan. They have a noteworthy following on Facebook and Linkedin.


Written by Mark Smith

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