Revolutionary Bologna-Based Companies Pioneering the Italian Energy Sector

The global shift towards renewable energy sources is increasingly leading to innovation in the energy sector. Italy, with its robust industrial core in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, is home to several cutting-edge energy companies utilizing transformative technologies to shape the future of energy. These companies are each making unique strides in the industry, fueling progress in areas such as renewable power generation, smart energy management, and energy efficiency. The aim here is to give a brief overview of some these trailblazing organizations.

The selected companies come from diverse fields within the energy industry and stand out not just for the quality of their services, but also for their contribution to technological advance and environment sustainability. From developers of renewable power plants to AI-infused platforms that revolutionize real estate, these companies epitomize the innovative spirit of the energy sector in Bologna. Each has carved out a unique niche, thereby contributing to the vibrancy and dynamism of the industry.

It’s interesting to note that the Emilia-Romagna region has long been a hub of Italian industry and innovation. Bologna, known for its rich history, is renowned for its technological prowess and entrepreneurial spirit. This historic city is home to a burgeoning tech scene that is thriving in the areas of renewable energy, software development, and information technology. Now let’s dive into these companies who are at the forefront of this inventive movement.

SECI Energia

SECI Energia is a designer of power plants driven by renewable sources such as solar photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, wind, and hydro energy. They provide comprehensive services including programming, asset valuation, and trading in energy stocks. Check out their LinkedIn page for more info.


Launched by Sacha Gentili, METACASA combines artificial intelligence and virtual reality to transform the real estate market. The company provides digital tools that reveal the full potential of properties while enhancing their energy efficiency. Catch them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jarvis by IOOOTA Srl

Co-founded by Luca Degli Esposti, Riccardo Malatesta, Roberto Pierpaoli, and Roberto Vancini, Jarvis by IOOOTA provides a software platform for managing and monitoring cloud-based information in the IoT sphere. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more.


Geetit is a facilities management service in Italy founded by Francesco Santi and Giorgio Lazzari. They offer complete analysis of energy consumption to eliminate risks of energy dispersion. Check out their LinkedIn page for more info.

Hera Group

Hera Group operates in the distribution of gas, water, energy, and waste disposal and works to improve the quality of their services. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Claudio Spadacini, Exergy operates in the energy, oil and gas, and product management industries. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Ducati Energia

Follow Ducati Energia on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to keep up with their latest updates.


Illumia supplies electricity, fiber, and gas and provides consulting services. They operate in the energy trading market and are known for their customer-oriented services. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Gian Pietro Beghelli, Beghelli manufactures lighting, solar, and household products. They are known for providing civil and professional security services. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Energy Services

Energy Services develops strategies for advancement in the energy supply chain, focusing on customer orientation and environmental and energy-saving policies. Follow them on their Facebook Page.


Operating in the telecommunications, energy efficiency, and renewable energy industries, SITE is one of the leading companies defining the technological standards in their business areas. Follow them on their LinkedIn page.

Each of these companies, with their innovative approach and commitment to creating sustainable energy solutions, underscores the vibrant energy sector in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. As they continue to unfold their technological advances on the world stage, the standard for innovation in the energy industry is being reset and raised, opening up a myriad of new potentials for the future.

Written by Mark Smith

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