Revolutionary Englewood Mining Firms Driving Cutting-Edge Technological Advances in Colorado

Futurology continues its exploration of the innovative and pioneering companies that call Englewood, Colorado home. Centered in the thriving and eclectic Denver Tech Center area, these organizations are making substantial technological advances across one industry in particular: mining. From data mining to traditional mineral excavation, the following companies are making dynamic strides, each offering a unique blend of innovation, expertise in their industry and commitment to the future.

As the world continues to evolve and integrate more technology into our daily operations, each of the following enterprises is pushing boundaries to redefine what’s possible. The companies profiled here are contributing to a diverse and thriving technical ecosystem in Englewood. Ranging in size, age, and area of focus, they embody the cutting edge of technology in their respective fields.

Each, with their unique blend of skill, ingenuity, and forward-thinking, are shaping the landscape not only of Englewood but of the mining industry as a whole. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the companies that are defining the new era of mining technology in Englewood, Colorado.


Founded by Priya Korrapati, eMedEvents operates in the intersections of analytics, data mining and events. This unique combination of fields allows the company to provide professional medical education conferences and events worldwide, easily connecting healthcare professionals with their peers and discovering upcoming events.

Alacer Gold

Alacer Gold is an intermediate gold mining company with engagement in the exploration and production of gold in Australia and Turkey. The company was formerly known as Anatolia Minerals Development Limited and is now based in Englewood, Colorado, showcasing the robust reach of Englewood’s mining industry overseas.

E Light Electric Services

Specializing in energy, mining, and solar services, E Light Electric Services represents a skillful combination of mining and renewable energy technologies.


Founded by Stan Lis, MicroCoal is a materials technology company specializing in the commercializing of microwave energy and related process technologies to transform coal and other minerals into higher quality industrial materials. As of 2013, MicroCoal operates as a subsidiary of Carbon Friendly Solutions, Inc.

UP Energy

Focusing on developing its long-life natural gas reserves in Wyoming’s Green River Basin, UP Energy is an independent exploration and production company.


Operated out of Englewood, the SME contributes to the globally influential mining industry and has a thriving presence on social media.

Midway Gold

Specializing in finance, mining technology, and precious metals, Midway Gold has been transitioning its portfolio from exploration to production with a focused operations team in place.

Buckley Powder

In the construction, mining, and service industry, Buckley Powder is yet another innovative company changing the landscape of Englewood’s technological influence.

KNS Communications Consultants

Founded by Sue Thomas, KNS Communications Consultants operates within the intersection of information technology, mining technology, and wireless communication.

American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers

Located in Englewood, the American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers represents another segment of the broad mining sector, contributing to education and development in the field of metallurgical engineering.

Rocky Mountain Engineering and Materials Technology

Rocky Mountain Engineering and Materials Technology supports forensic engineering, bullet failure analysis, metallurgical and materials engineering services. This company’s work in consulting, industrial engineering, and mining technology significantly expands the scope and diversity of Englewood’s emerging tech industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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