Revolutionary Jeddah-based Solar Firms Leading Saudi Arabia’s Renewable Energy Shift

The solar industry continues to rise in prominence and potential, introducing a flurry of forward-thinking companies aiming to revolutionize our relationship with renewable energy. Concentrated in the city of Jeddah, in the Makkah province of Saudi Arabia, these companies have proven that the future of sustainability may be brighter than ever. Here, we’ll delve into the stories, successes, and significant achievements of companies making waves in the sunlight-soaked sector of solar power technology.

Each of these organizations offers unique insights, remarkable innovation, and a determined drive towards a more sustainable future, whether through the use of robotics, logistics, transportation, sales, or electronics. These trailblazers possess industry-specific skills and knowledge that have positioned them as leaders in their respective domains; their collective endeavors are reshaping the solar industry landscape across the globe.

The list that follows includes some of the standout companies in Jeddah’s solar industry. Each of them has contributed significantly to the growing dominance of renewable energy, and their groundbreaking technologies continue to pave the way for unprecedented advances in this critical industry.


With an unshakable focus on industrial automation, robotics, and solar technology, NOMADD stands as a testament to creative solutions for environmental challenges. The company’s brainchild, the NO-water Mechanical Automated Dusting Device, born from the innovative strategies of founders Georg Eitelhuber and Jos van Hyden, exemplifies their commitment to practical, eco-friendly alternatives. NOMADD has its genesis in the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology, where the founders honed their revolutionary product, aiming to help the world make better use of renewable energy.

Desert Technologies

Fueled by its profound expertise in renewable energy, Desert Technologies defined itself as a premier systems integrator and an international developer. Its founders Ihab El-Samanoudi and Nour Mousa have devised a platform that has become a strategic investment region for renewable energy in the Middle East and Africa. The company’s story is one that captures its commitment to delivering turn-key technology solutions to various sectors.

Altaaqa Alternative Solutions

Altaaqa Alternative Solutions are offering innovative answers to the complex challenges of energy, renewable energy, solar, and water purification sectors. Standing tall in the face of complex challenges, their innovative strategies extend their influence towards a future powered by sustainability from their Jeddah base.

Cummins Olayan Energy

Excelling in areas of energy, logistics, manufacturing, renewable energy, solar, and transportation, Cummins Olayan Energy offers a diversified portfolio upholding their commitment to a better future. They stand at the forefront of the industry, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards.


Emphasizing energy, sales, and solar, Noortech is a company driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Operating from the heart of Jeddah, they chart the path to the age of renewable energy by continuing to break new ground.


The expertise of MTTS lies in the fields of electronics, renewable energy, and solar. Their dedication and accomplishments have made them a major player in the industry, catapulting them towards a bright future filled with endless possibilities.

Written by Mark Smith

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