Revolutionary Sheffield Recycling Companies Pioneering the United Kingdom’s Future Sustainability


In the bustling heart of the United Kingdom, Sheffield sits as a thriving hub of industry— a tableau of steel city’s manufacturing past and a promising vision of a sustainable future. Here, among its rich industrial landscape, a cluster of pioneering recycling companies are leading the way in green innovation. These organisations not only advance Sheffield’s economic development, but also promote sustainability and environmental awareness within the larger global community.

In a world awakening to the realities of climate change and environmental degradation, the role of recycling companies has never been more prominent. Their work is paramount in shifting the global route towards sustainable waste management and circular economy—a trend aimed at reducing waste and the overconsumption of resources. The recycling industry, therefore, represents not only a response to environmental crises, but a front line defence in preventing them.

Sheffield’s recycling players range from large-scale industries to smaller, more specialised firms. All employing cutting-edge technologies and innovative methods to transform waste into valuable resources, contributing to local economies and environmental preservation. Let’s dive into a glimpse of these companies located in Sheffield.


EDWARD TURNER & SON LIMITED, better known as Durham Duplex in the industry, operates in the diverse fields of industrial manufacturing, manufacturing, and recycling. They produce a wide range of cutting products for industries such as plastics, food, foil, film, recycling, and packaging, covering 52 countries worldwide. Their utility extends to converting, packaging, recycling, safety, food, roofing, and flooring industries. Check out more about their work on Facebook and follow updates on Linkedin.

Russell Richardson & Sons

Russell Richardson & Sons provides critical services in the archiving service, industrial and recycling, waste management sectors. Their offerings include media and IT shredding, paper shredding, product destruction, textile, and uniform shredding, IT recycling, office recycling, print waste labels, and packaging, and printer reel waste management services. Visit their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or connect with them on Linkedin for more information.

Clearance And Clean Up

Co-founded by Tom Pickering, Clearance And Clean Up holds a distinct place in the janitorial service, recycling, and waste management industry in Sheffield. More about their vast range of services can be found on their Facebook page and Linkedin. Follow them on Twitter to stay updated with their latest news.

British Glass

British Glass founded by Dave Dalton, represents the building material, manufacturing, and recycling industry. They play an imperative part in shaping the ecological landscape of Sheffield. Follow them on Twitter or connect with them on Linkedin for more insights.


Founded by Ed Fanshawe, SkipTrips combines the aspects of construction and recycling in a unique blend. As an online marketplace for skip hire, they make it less challenging to get rid of waste by matching companies and homeowners with skip hire companies competing for each job listed with their best deals. Stay updated with their latest offerings by following them on Twitter.

John Owen

John Owen operates in the building material, commercial, construction, and recycling sector. They contribute significantly to the Sheffield community. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page or on Linkedin. Follow their updates on Twitter.


Granutyre Ltd. is another prominent figure in the recycling arena located in Sheffield. They provide specialized tyre recycling services, transforming waste tires into valuable resources.

These pioneering companies are not merely economic entities but catalysts for environmental preservation and sustainable living. As they navigate through the complexities of waste management and recycle, they showcase Sheffield’s global leadership in the recycling industry. Each one of them plays a significant role in creating a healthier planet one step at a time.


Written by Mark Smith

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