Revolutionary Utrecht-Based Companies Innovating the Dutch Energy Sector

The energy sector is swapping out old for new as renewable energy and energy tech companies charge forward with innovative solutions. In the Dutch city of Utrecht, we find an array of companies at the frontier of this transition. Here we take a look at a few notable companies headquartered here, breaking ground in industries such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability, big data, artificial intelligence, and clean energy.

With the world facing a climate crisis, the search for sustainable solutions has intensified. The implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies are key aspects in the combat against climate change. Based in Utrecht, these companies are offering groundbreaking solutions, playing their part in moving the world towards sustainable energy.

From offering smart energy savings within the manufacturing industry to providing businesses with insight into their work environments, each company has its own unique role in the energy transformation. Let’s explore them.


Founded by Massimo Coduti, Pieter Broekema, and Sjoerd Sloterdijk, Sensorfact specializes in smart energy savings in manufacturing. The Dutch-based company prides itself on translating energy sustainability into simple terms and actions, ensuring transparency. Sensorfact is committed to making sustainability an understandable and actionable endeavour, pulling away from complex software, sensor technology, and business models.(LinkedIn)


Founded by Pierre Vermeulen and Roderick van Wisselingh, Solease is dedicated to making solar energy accessible to everyone by eliminating investment, fuss, and risk. The company rents solar panels for a monthly fee that is lower than the typical electricity bill, taking responsibility for purchase, financing, installation, repair, insurance, and monitoring. Customers can start saving from day one with Solease.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)


D4 is a company that works to initiate, develop, and build sustainable energy projects. Their mission is to bring sustainability to the forefront of energy development and contribute to a greener future.(LinkedIn)


Founded in April 2014 by Felix Mann, Paul Stomph, and Rino Stevens, QwikSense provides businesses with insight into their work environments to create healthier and more productive conditions. This Dutch company utilizes actionable sensor analytics with the aim to reduce companies’ energy costs and CO2 footprints.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)


Founded by Jeroen de Bruijn, Paul Mignot, Rob Everhardt, and Steven Hulshof, Withthegrid is at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the energy sector. This Utrecht-based company offers remote monitoring and machine-learning techniques, helping grid operators and producers save on energy costs and extending the life of their assets.(LinkedIn)


Energy21 is another leading player in the energy, IT, and sustainability sectors, offering innovative solutions designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of the energy market.(LinkedIn)


Utrecht-based company Groendus develops, builds, and operates energy assets while providing a wide portfolio of ancillary services for its customers.(LinkedIn)


Operating within the oil and gas industry, EBN plays a crucial role in the Dutch energy landscape.(LinkedIn)


Iwell operates within the realm of clean energy and machinery manufacturing and is yet another example of Utrecht’s commitment to green innovation.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)

Upp Energy

Upp Energy offers an energy solution where an installer places their UppBox and Upp sensor in the vicinity of the inverter, collecting data on generated energy. This information is sent to Upp Energy, where customers can log in and access their system.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)


Founded by Derek de Rie and Steven Reiz, Senfal is a Dutch start-up that offers innovative software services to unlock value for large industrial customers, wind and solar farms, and battery owners from flexibility. By providing these solutions, Senfal is striving to make the energy transition a reality.(Facebook)(LinkedIn)

These Utrecht-based companies are shaping the future of energy through their innovative solutions and services. They represent an exciting snapshot of the dynamic Dutch energy sector, as they venture into sustainable and renewable energy technologies that may very well redefine the industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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