Revolutionising Energy: Warwick’s Pioneering Companies in the UK Industry

The Energy industry in the United Kingdom, specifically in Warwick, Warwickshire, presents an array of innovative and dynamic companies that bleed technology into every aspect of their operations. From serving households with oil and gas solutions to driving efficiency through smart and renewable forms of energy, these companies are not only charting new landscapes for sustainable living, but also setting a robust example of UK’s excellence in the Energy sector. In this issue, we bring you some extraordinary companies headquartered in Warwick, Warwickshire, that are powering the future.

Our roster includes a variety of companies operating in different branches of the Energy industry – Energy Efficiency, Home Services, Renewable Energy, Wholesale Oil and Gas, and more. Each of these companies has a stronghold in their respective sectors, enriched by the expertise they have amassed over the years. The business strategies and operational execution of these companies serve as a great source of inspiration for start-ups and established businesses alike.

From transforming energy management to revolutionizing home services, these companies are engineering a brighter, smarter, and more sustainable future. Let’s dive in and find out more about these champions of energy that are driving innovation, performance, and growth in the industry.


As a leading name in Energy, Home Services, Oil and Gas, Wholesale sectors, Calor has been providing efficient energy solutions to its customers. It aims at offering cleaner, greener energy solutions, thus contributing significantly to a sustainable future.
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First Utility

First Utility is a prominent independent energy company in the UK aiming to help customers lower their energy bills through innovative technology and industry change. As a major challenger to the Big Six providers, they offer cheaper tariffs and better customer service.
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Utility Stream

Specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, Utility Stream offers gas, electricity, and water procurement and technology services. Leveraging their expertise for driving sustainability and profit, they provide holistic energy solutions originating from their deep understanding of the market.
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Alumet Systems

As a game-changer in building maintenance, construction, manufacturing, and renewable energy, Alumet Systems provides innovative design, manufacture, and installation services for the complete building envelope. Founded by Gary Summers, they have created a reputation for delivering unique systems with a wide range of designs and colours.
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CTRM Cubed

CTRM Cubed, co-founded by Andy Bennett and Simon Piercy, has earned an esteemed position in the Energy, Risk Management, SaaS, Software Engineering sectors through their strategic approach and innovative solutions. They signal a profound shift in how the energy industry operates and thrives.
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Carbon3 IT

Specializing in Business Development, Consulting, Energy, and Software, Carbon3 IT offers innovative and intelligible solutions for technology-led energy efficiency. Their business strategies and operational execution serve as a basis for a sustainable future.
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Co-op Energy

As a notable player in the Energy industry, Co-op Energy aims to make energy more affordable for their customers, thereby enabling a better and sustainable lifestyle. Their customer-centred approach makes them a favourite choice among the residents of the UK.
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Written by Mark Smith

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