Revolutionizing Commutes: Top Boston-Based Electric Vehicle Companies Innovating Mobility

Welcome to another edition of our Futurology series, where we showcase the impressive innovations occurring in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. Emerging as a global force, the EV industry is spearheaded by several pioneering companies. In this issue, we are focusing on Boston, Massachusetts – a city that has become a hotbed for EV companies pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Discover, explore, and gain insight into some of the most impactful companies operating out of Boston today.

The dynamic blend of creativity, technical prowess, entrepreneurship and academia in Boston has made it a perfect environment for EV innovation. From autonomous vehicle developers to transportation solutions providers — these companies are indelibly changing not just the face of mobility, but also how we perceive and interact with vehicles. In this article, we’ll be shedding light on some of these brilliant companies, delving into their story, successes, and goals for the future.

Let’s take a journey into the electrifying world of these companies where exciting innovations are transforming our transportation landscape, reforging our carbon footprint, and driving us towards a more sustainable future.

Optimus Ride

Optimus Ride operates at pioneering frontiers of the autonomous vehicles, EVs, and robotics industries. Founded by Albert Huang, Jenny Larios Berlin, Ramiro Almeida, and Ryan Chin, Optimus Ride harnesses rich interdisciplinary university research to create efficient, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions. They are an MIT spinoff company drawing from over three decades of research into self-driving technologies, EVs, and Mobility-on-Demand Systems. Follow the team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Piaggio Fast Forward

Piaggio Fast Forward, founded by Greg Lynn, Jeffrey Schnapp, and Michele Colaninno, is a company committed to smart mobility platforms. Established in 2015 by the Piaggio Group, makers of the famous Vespa, Piaggio Fast Forward leverages innovative design and modern technology to revolutionize city navigation and short-distance transportation. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Dash Electric

Founded by Ian Carlson, Dash Electric offers affordable electric transport by giving you the power to modify virtually any longboard using your existing setup — a technology that makes everyday commutes easy and exciting. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.


MoveEV champions electric vehicles through their education programs, igniting interest, and engaging employees in the EV movement. They offer successful initiatives that benefit communities and deliver a significant return on investment (ROI). You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Fuse Mobility

A provider of B2B micro-mobility solutions, Fuse Mobility offers managed shared electric vehicles that form part of a seamless transportation process. They also provide a range of support services, from in-house maintenance to drone and lidar-based analyses. To learn more, connect via their LinkedIn page.

Chase car

Chase car introduces new standards in automotive filming with their highly technological and well-equipped Porsche Cayenne camera cars. Whether for on-road or off-road shots, their output has become a benchmark with unparalleled gyro stabilization for up to a 250mm lens. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Triple J Auto Group

Founded by Mr. Robert Jones, Triple J Auto Group is a distinguished name in the automotive, business development, and electric vehicle industries. Stay updated with their latest developments on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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