Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: Leading Innovators Based in Somerville, Massachusetts

As the world transitions into embracing renewable and more efficient energy sources, the city of Somerville, Massachusetts has emerged as a hub for pioneering companies in the energy efficiency industry. Nestled within this dense suburban city, these companies are leading the charge in this essential sector, developing innovative solutions targeting both consumer and industrial applications. Here is a closer look at some of these trailblazing enterprises.

Apart from contributing to an enhanced and sustainable global energy landscape, these Somerville-based ventures embody an amalgamation of diverse industries such as automotive, energy, electronics, environmental consulting, and leisure. This dynamic interplay of different industries, powered by visionary founders and teams, reflects a unique ecosystem that fosters product innovation and technological advancement.

This profile article is part of Futurology magazine’s series, focusing on energy efficiency industry companies operating out of Somerville, Massachusetts, United States. Highlighting each company’s vision, mission, involved industries, founding team, and more, we hope this interactive piece will provide our readers with an intricate understanding of the groundbreaking work these companies are engaged in.

Greentown Labs

Founded by Adam Rein, Ben Glass, Jeremy Pitts, and Sorin Grama, Greentown Labs is a vibrant hub for energy and environmental entrepreneurs. They provide a co-working environment replete with prototyping labs and office space, fostering a robust network, and offering resources essential to the rapid growth of their associated start-ups.


Transaera, founded by Matthew Dorson and Sorin Grama, focuses on creating affordable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly cooling systems. Combining energy efficiency with environmental consulting and leisure, Transaera is championing an important cause in the current environment-conscious era.

CoolChip Technologies

At CoolChip Technologies, they are revolutionizing the electronics’ cooling industry. Using Kinetic Cooling technology developed by its founders, James LoGerfo, Lino Gonzalez, Steven Stoddard and Will Sanchez, CoolChip is paving the way for next-generation electronics with cooling solutions that offer unprecedented performance in acoustics, form factor, and cooling.

Helix Power

Founded by Kevin Blackman and Matthew L. Lazarewicz, Helix Power manufactures advanced flywheels for megawatt-scale power burst management. With a renowned team at its helm, Helix Power’s work is notably impactful in the energy efficiency and management industry.


WrightGrid turns sunlight into power, with a hint of advertising platforms. Founded by Ryan Wright, their solar-powered charging stations offer secure charging for up to 10 devices, providing an innovative source of renewable energy combined with engaging advertising opportunities.

Paradigm Energy Services

At Paradigm Energy Services, they provide energy-efficient solutions resulting in reduced energy bills for their clients. Their services include LED lighting, weatherization, mechanical energy-efficient upgrades, and other renewable and distributed generation solutions.

Nmr Group

Nmr Group works in the energy efficiency sector, though their focus is also in market research and renewable energy. As a leader in these fields, their contributions to the efficient use and management of energy are commendable.

Allen Plumbing

Allen Plumbing, founded by Michael Allen, offers energy-efficient solutions in the service industry. Specialized in hardware, their expertise immensely contributes to the wider goals of energy sustainability and efficiency.

Written by Mark Smith

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