Revolutionizing Energy: Innovations from Airdrie, Alberta’s Pioneering Companies

Airdrie, a city located in Alberta, Canada, has an ever-growing presence in the energy industry. It hosts an array of organizations operating in the realms of energy management, oil and gas, and more. These energy-focused companies offer various solutions ranging from equipment design and creation, safety consulting, and risk management, to breakthroughs in electrical distribution and clean energy. As part of our series showcasing leading energy firms, we present 11 dynamic organizations headquartered in Airdrie and their committed contributions to the ever-evolving energy sector.

Propak Systems

Known for designing and creating state-of-the-art energy processing facilities and equipment, Propak Systems is a forerunner in the Energy, Energy Management, Industrial, and Oil and Gas industries. Their comprehensive solutions have played a pivotal role in helping their clients successfully execute their project strategies. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.

United Safety

A vision of founder Lee Whittaker, United Safety has remained a staple in the Consulting, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Information Technology, and Manufacturing industry. The company delivers industrial safety products, safety consulting, and training, ensuring workforce and public safety. United Safety’s commitment extends to virtually all aspects of the Oil & Gas industry, with its solutions servicing both Upstream and Downstream sectors. Find out more on their LinkedIn page and follow @uslnet on Twitter for updates.

Techmation Electric & Controls

Operating within the Energy Management and Oil and Gas industry, Techmation Electric & Controls is an integral part of Airdrie’s energy sector. To learn more about their work, visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn page, and follow @Tech_mation on Twitter.

Evolve Surface Strategies

In the Consulting, Energy, Oil and Gas industry, Evolve Surface Strategies is a recognized name. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for additional insights and follow @Evolve_Surface on Twitter for updates.


Providing oil and gas exploration and production services, MOGL Corp is an influential player in the Energy and Oil and Gas sector of Airdrie. This company is currently only available offline.

Spira Systems

Recognized in the Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy industry, Spira Systems is making waves with its innovative services. Visit LinkedIn for more on them.

Integral Energy Services

In the domains of Electrical Distribution, Energy, and Project Management, Integral Energy Services is a significant contributor. Check their Facebook, LinkedIn and follow @integralnews on Twitter for further details.

Cantest Solutions

A pioneer in the Energy, Oil and Gas, and Renewable Energy sectors, Cantest Solutions is key to Airdrie’s energy landscape. For more, visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow @CantestGroup for updates.

Alcro Electric

Operating within the realms of Clean Energy, Energy, and Oil and Gas, Alcro Electric is another central player in Airdrie. Visit their LinkedIn page for additional information.

TR3 Energy

Taking the lead in Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Oil and Gas, TR3 Energy, founded by Lance Hayman, is another remarkable player in Airdrie’s energy panorama. Explore their LinkedIn page for more information.

In conclusion, Airdrie, Alberta, hosts a rich diversity of energy companies. Each of them contributes significantly to Canada’s vibrant energy landscape through their continual drive for innovation and dedication to excellence. Stay tuned as we bring more companies to light in the upcoming parts of this series.

Written by Mark Smith

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