Revolutionizing Energy Landscape: Pioneering Companies Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan

As the world continues to recognize the significance of sustainable energy and innovative technology, companies in Taiwan are making remarkable strides in these fields. Hsinchu, T’ai-wan is notably a hub of these endeavors, hosting businesses that are pushing boundaries and creating impressive results. This article delves into the contributions of notable companies in Hsinchu that are working tirelessly to revolutionize the Energy industry.

The Taiwanese companies we will be exploring are diversely engaged in sectors such as Information Technology, Semiconductors, Batteries, Solar Materials, Consumer Electronics, Energy Management, Biotechnology, and Manufacture of Machinery. These businesses are considerably contributing to Taiwan’s expanding reputation as a global powerhouse in the Energy industry. Without further ado, let us gain insight into these companies.

Our journey begins with a look at Ubiik, a startup that spearheads revolutionary endeavors in the Internet of Things (IoT) world. Its remarkable achievements are seen through its initiative in developing low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) communication systems. The list is exhaustive; let’s dive in.


Founded by TH Peng, Ubiik is an international startup known for its innovative IoT products. Its primary focus lies in the development and deployment of low-power wide area network (LPWAN) communication systems. They manufacture industrial and national-scale IoT solutions using Weightless™ LPWAN open standard, which includes all the necessities to build IoT networks from base protocols to cloud services. Their platforms have been instrumental in making the world a more intelligent and sustainable place.

Phoenix Silicon International

Phoenix Silicon International operates in the Electronics, Energy, and Semiconductor industry. Their contributions towards sustainable energy come from their innovative electronic solutions, helping to pave the way for more energy-efficient gadgets and systems.

Pihsiang Energy Technology

Operating in the Battery, Electronics, Energy, Industrial, and Manufacturing sectors, Pihsiang Energy Technology is contributing towards more sustainable energy sources through their work with batteries and electronics.

Giga Solar Materials

Giga Solar Materials is well-known within the manufacturing and solar energy scene for their contributions towards renewable energy. By creating solutions in the solar sector, they’re helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint.


Known for their work within the consumer electronics and renewable energy sectors, M2Communication has been pioneering solutions that make day-to-day gadgets more energy efficient, positively contributing to sustainability.

LanCore System

LanCore System is a company that provides energy-saving solutions in diverse sectors such as Aquaculture, Automotive, Energy Management, and the Internet of Things. They provide sustainable solutions for the modern farming industry by incorporating IoT cloud control functions and energy-saving mechanisms into the new generation of aerators.

Lacewing Biotech

Lacewing Biotech is a pivotal force in the Agriculture, AgTech, Biomass Energy, and Biotechnology fields. By utilizing bio-technological solutions, they’re paving a way towards more sustainable farming practices.


APEC, established in 1998, has a long history of innovation in the Electronics, Energy, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy industries. APEC is a pioneer in integrating the 6-inch DMOS process with ISO9001 certification in Taiwan and provides total solutions for new power requirements in MOSFETs and IGBTs.

Toplus Energy

Toplus Energy is a trailblazing company that develops hydrogen purification and recovery systems. Focused on energy efficiency and environmental preservation, their efforts greatly contribute to the sustainability discourse.


Operating in the Electronics, Energy Management, Energy Storage, and Manufacturing sectors, Gigastorage is a leader in creating effective systems for energy storage. Their contributions are pivotal for the development and implementation of green energy sources.

United Renewable Energy

Last but not least, United Renewable Energy is solely focused on the Energy industry. This company leads the way in researching and developing sustainable energy solutions for a greener, cleaner world.

All these companies from Hsinchu, T’ai-wan, are continually expanding and breaking new ground in the Energy industry. Their contributions are shaping the future and are bringing us a step closer to a sustainable world.

Written by Mark Smith

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