Revolutionizing Energy Sector: Innovations from Bhubaneswar-Based Indian Corporations

At the nexus of traditional industries and cutting-edge technological innovation, we find a cluster of forward-thinking, ambitious companies emerging from the heart of Orissa, India. These companies, primarily based in Bhubaneswar, are pioneering new paths in various sectors within the Energy Industry, considering the imminent global energy transition. From advanced aerospace logistics to revolutionary waste management solutions, each company is making strides in its respective field. This article aims to highlight these companies and their impact on the future of energy, while providing a comprehensive look into their ethos and practices.

As you explore this series, you will find a subheading for each company, providing an overview of their industry, founders, a brief description, and their respective web links. We hope this glimpse into the Energy Industry in Bhubaneswar will foster a greater understanding and ignite interest in the innovative technologies that are reshaping our world. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at these leading companies operating in this growing landscape.

BON V Aero

Operating in the fields of Aerospace, Clean Energy, GreenTech, Logistics and Manufacturing, BON V Aero was brought to life by its founder Gaurav Achha. The company is innovating within the realm of carbon-free aerial logistics and mobility, leveraging advancements in aerospace technology to promote electric aircrafts. Find more information on LinkedIn.

DD Bio Solution Technology

With its roots fixed in energy and waste management, DD Bio Solution Technology is a private company founded by Debashree Padhi, Diana Padhi, and Jyostnarani Padhi. It was established in 2016 and provides sustainable solutions to our everyday waste, thus endeavoring towards a greener and cleaner planet.

SIDUX Technologies

SIDUX Technologies is a company operating in the realms of Customer Service, Energy, and Solar. The company provides EPC, O&M, Solar power, and project implementation services, positioning itself at the forefront of design and innovative energy-efficient engineering services. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.

Odisha Power Transmission Corporation

Operating in Electrical Distribution, Energy, Energy Management and contributing to the government sector, we have the Odisha Power Transmission Corporation . More information is available on their social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and also on LinkedIn.

Odisha Power Generation Corporation

Founded by Nikunj Bihari Dhal, the Odisha Power Generation Corporation Limited has been an integral player in the Energy, Government, and Renewable Energy sector since its inception in 1984.


In the realm of Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, and Renewable Energy, Purelectron, founded by Jagannath Nayak, is a powerhouse of innovation and research in renewable energy solutions. They have also developed Low Cost Wave Power Solutions. You can follow the company’s exciting developments on their Facebook page.


Operating in the Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Energy, and Manufacturing fields, empowertrans was founded by Asit Pradhan. We highly recommend visiting their LinkedIn for an in-depth look at the company and its contributions to the industry.

It is important to highlight that the companies detailed above are not limited to their summarized descriptions and have much more in store in the context of their contribution towards shaping the energy future of tomorrow.

Written by Mark Smith

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