Revolutionizing Lithuanian Renewable Energy: Spotlight on Vilnius-Based Innovators

Vilniaus Apskritis, the capital city of Lithuania, is home to several ingenious companies in the renewable energy industry. This place currently boasts of being the hub for several technological innovations effectively leveraging sustainable energy. Not only are these companies working towards combating climate change, but are also creating opportunities, improving efficiency, and increasing accessibility around renewable energy sources. Let's take a look at some of the promising companies operating in Vilnius in the renewable energy sector.

The renewable energy industry has dramatically transformed and expanded worldwide. Among the significant global players in this sector, several Lithuanian renewable energy companies, all headquartered in Vilnius, are making exceptional progress. They are steadfastly working towards a future where renewable energy will be the primary energy source.

We'll delve into profiles that include industry information, an overview of the company, its location, founders, and some key details about each organization. All these companies have made distinctive contributions to their respective realms within the renewable energy industry, and hence, shaping the path for a sustainable future. So, let's dig into the entrants.


SoliTek is a pioneer in the fields of Battery, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Solar. Its plethora of services include researching, developing, manufacturing, selling, and installing solar cells, glass modules, solar modules, building integrated PV, in-roof systems, Solrif, optimized modules, solar roofs, solar panels, PV panels, PV modules, renewable energy, and solar energy. Check out theirLinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles for updates on recent innovations and initiatives.

Inion software

Inion software, founded by Mindaugas Lubys, Robertas Janickas, and Sarunas Stanaitis, is a renewable energy infrastructure provider offering services across Battery, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, SaaS, Software, and Solar. Their specialty lies in managing PV plant, PV park SCADA racks, apart from battery, and EV charging integration and control. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


A product of the intelligentsia of Daiva Urbanaviciene and Robertas Urbanavičius, Thrust operates in the industry of Consumer Electronics, Drones, and Renewable Energy. It's certainly one to keep an eye on. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook profile for more details.


WePower, founded by Artūras Asakavičius, Kaspar Kaarlep, and Nikolaj Martyniuk, is a big player in several industries including Blockchain, CleanTech, Energy, Environmental Consulting, GreenTech, IT, Renewable Energy, and Trading Platform. Its innovative green energy trading platform enables finance for green energy projects to invest into and trade green energy. Keep up with their latest updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Saulės Vėjo Aruodai

Saulės Vėjo Aruodai, also known as SVA, is in the industry of CleanTech, Energy, and Renewable Energy. It focuses on developing and selling innovative, patented technologies reducing CO2 emissions by using renewable energy for heating and cooling buildings, and heat energy accumulation and transformation.

Ignitis group

The Ignitis Group, an international energy corporation, is in the industry of Energy, Energy Management, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy. Producing, distributing, supplying, and providing various energy-related services, Ignitis Group plays a vital role in this sector. Visit their LinkedIn, Facebook profiles for recent activities.


Viezo, a company founded by Donat Ponamariov, is thriving in the CleanTech, Internet of Things, and Renewable Energy industry. Their work revolves around the innovative use of clean technology and renewable energy.


NoGrid provides their expertise in Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Semiconductor, and Solar. Their focus and innovation are certainly driving the renewable energy sector forward. For more information, check their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.


Grofit, a revolutionary enterprise in Crowdfunding, Impact Investing, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability, is developing a sustainability crowdfunding platform. Their mission includes identifying sustainable energy projects and converting them into high-potential investable prospects. Stay updated by following their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Modern E-Technologies

Modern E-Technologies is making significant strides in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy industry. Their scientific and technological prowess is undoubtedly making an impact within this industry.

VSA Vilnius

VSA Vilnius, a prominent player in Environmental Consulting, Professional Services, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management. They provide a wide range of services, including developing the efficiency of environmental protection and occupational safety and health management system. For further details, follow their LinkedIn profile.

Written by Mark Smith

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