Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Saint Paul’s Pioneers in 3D Printing Innovation

Welcome to the world of future technology revolution underway in the 3D Printing industry. Saint Paul, Minnesota, the capital of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” has become a hotspot for innovation. We are highlighting a few of these companies operating within this arena and transforming manufacturing processes in unique ways.

These trailblazers customize solutions for their clients ranging from healthcare to industrial engineering and beyond. The future is undoubtedly tech-driven, and these companies are leading the charge toward a more sustainable future, leveraging innovative techniques to change how products are made and services delivered.


The 3D printing industry is continuously evolving, and one of the companies leading the way in Saint Paul, Minnesota is Computype. The company possesses a long history of providing high-performance labeling and identification solutions, incorporating innovative technologies like 3D printing into their product realization processes. You can find them on Twitter @computype or visit their Linkedin to get the latest updates.

Summit Medical

Summit Medical, Inc. is a St. Paul-based medical device manufacturer that utilizes 3D printing as part of its manufacturing processes. Summit Medical’s extensive journey began in 1982 as Micromedics, Inc., with the development, manufacturing, and marketing of products for microsurgery. Follow them on Twitter @instrusafe.

Smyth Companies

Smyth Companies are experts in the field of label solutions with over a century of experience. The company, founded by Henry Martin Smyth, uses advanced 3D printing and manufacturing tools to enhance their production processes. Follow their Twitter for updates @labelexperts or visit their Facebook page.


Combining the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, and 3D printing, Handimedical is a prominent player in Saint Paul’s tech scene. They strive to provide superior service and quality products to the healthcare community. Follow them on Twitter @handimedsupply or visit their Facebook page.


Established in 1993, AdvancedTek applies its industry-leading expertise and technology to the realm of 3D printing. They provide innovative solutions tailored to every client’s needs. Have a look at their Linkedin profile for more information.

The Prototyper

The Prototyper is at the forefront of developing rapid prototypes for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Their markets include automotive products, telecommunication equipment, recreational vehicles, power tools, and household goods. With two decades in the industry, they have proven their value time and again. Follow them on Facebook or visit their Linkedin profile to stay updated on their innovative projects.

Written by Mark Smith

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