Revolutionizing Mobility: Miami’s Pioneering Electric Vehicle Enterprises Spotlight

The rise of the electric vehicle (EV) industry has sparked innovation and entrepreneurship across various sectors, particularly in the hub of Miami, Florida. Home to a thriving tech scene, this bustling city hosts many pioneering companies dedicated to accelerating the shift towards cleaner, more sustainable transportation. This article introduces you to some of the prominent EV industry players based in Miami, who are harnessing novel technologies and pushing boundaries in their respective domains.

Whether they’re conquering the challenges of EV charging infrastructure, promoting the accessibility of electric mobility, or advocating for sustainability in both commercial and personal transport, these companies are changing the game. Let’s delve a bit deeper into these dynamic entities, each with its unique mission, innovative solutions, and dedicated team, contributing to Miami’s vibrant EV industry landscape.

With a bold commitment to the future of sustainable transportation, these companies are reshaping the industry, one electric vehicle at a time. They are taking strides in clean energy, software solutions, electric scooter commerce, EV subscription services, and even heavy equipment repair services. So, buckle up as we take you on a virtual journey through Miami’s flourishing electric vehicle scene.

OBE Power

Co-founded by Alejandro Burgana and Luis Paul, OBE Power marks its dominance in the battery, clean energy, electric vehicle, and renewable energy sectors. Their innovative approach centers around creating a smart EV charging solution where EV drivers live, work, and play. The firm envisions building a virtual distributed power plant based on EV batteries and charging assets, thus redefining how we perceive and utilize power. Stay connected with OBE Power on Facebook and LinkedIn.


FluidFreeRide is an online electric scooter retailer that revolutionizes conventional travel methods. They boast a robust lineup of fast, fun, lightweight, and emission-free scooters. By rigorously testing every model for quality assurance, FluidFreeRide guarantees reliable electric mobility products. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates.

In the realm of automotive, electric vehicle, online portals, and sales, makes a strong presence. For more knowledge about their services and offerings, stay tuned through their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Fernando Fiuza de Souza, Elektrico is trailblazing the path towards sustainable transportation for multifamily residents. With a unique EV subscription service, they make owning an electric vehicle easy, flexible, and green right from your home. Stay up-to-date with Elektrico as they redefine residential EV access.

Aquam EV

A bright contender in the automotive and electric vehicle industry, Aquam EV blends technical know-how with innovative EV solutions. They keep their community engaged on Facebook and LinkedIn, where they share regular updates on their initiatives.

Green Shine

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability in the automotive and electric vehicle sector, Green Shine is creating a new industry status quo. Founded by Juan Sagastume, this company applies cutting-edge technology to promote greener transportation options. To connect with Green Shine, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Miami is a family-owned business with a focus on electric vehicles. With decades of experience in heavy equipment repair, they have garnered a reputation for delivering fast, affordable, and high-quality service. For more information on their work and services, head over to their Facebook page.

Written by Mark Smith

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