Revolutionizing Turin’s Landscape: Pioneering Energy Companies in Piemonte, Italy

The Energy industry is being revolutionized globally by innovative firms committed to creating clean, sustainable, and efficient solutions that impact our daily lives. Turin, a vibrant city situated in the Piemonte region of Italy, is a hotspot for such groundbreaking technology firms focussed on energy. This article lists some of these trailblazing companies that are transforming the global Energy industry with their cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

These Turin-based companies span a range of sectors including automotive, energy storage, clean-tech, renewable energy, electric vehicles, energy management, artificial intelligence, and software. They offer a glimpse into the future of the Energy industry, characterized by sustainability and efficiency. Their innovative solutions have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions, thereby playing an important role in combating climate change.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies, their founding teams and the technologies they have pioneered to disrupt the Energy sector globally.


Operating in the automotive, battery, clean-tech, electric vehicle, and energy storage sectors, Reefilla is a brainchild of Gabriele Bergoglio, Marco Bevilacqua, and Pietro Balda. Reefilla provides a mobile and predictive charging delivery service for electric vehicles, allowing users to charge their vehicles conveniently without disrupting their daily routines. Reefilla uses an innovative circular approach, getting energy from used (second-life) batteries, and thus contributes to net-zero emissions. Facebook, Linkedin.


SUNSPEKER, co-founded by Alessandro Zerbetto, Andrea Gaiardo, and FABRIZIO CHIARA, is a pioneer in advertising, clean-tech, electric vehicle, outdoor advertising, renewable energy, and smart cities sectors. Its innovation lies in creating fully recyclable graphical covers that can camouflage any solar panel and make it aesthetically compatible with the environment. Facebook, Linkedin.

TheF Charging

TheF Charging brings together decades of experience in the energy and electric mobility sectors, offering complete integration solutions for electric vehicles. Linkedin.

i-TES srl

In the energy space, i-TES srl, co-founded by Michele Santovito and Noemi Muscarà, offers solutions for energy efficiency, energy management, energy storage, and renewable energy. Facebook, Linkedin.


MetanAlpi operates in the energy, energy management, and energy storage sectors, providing innovative solutions.


Eurix stands out in implementing artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, machine learning, and software for the energy industry. Linkedin.


In the energy and service industry sectors, Acus offers management and consumption services in the energy and utilities market.

C2R Energy Consulting

C2R Energy Consulting provides consultancy for energy and environmental planning in the civil, tertiary and transport sectors. Linkedin.

ILOOXS Technologies

ILOOXS Technologies, founded by ANDREA DEMONTE, Daniele Pes, FABRIZIO CHIARA, GIANCARLO CASELLATO, is a tech firm specializing in solar energy. They have developed custom design photovoltaic solutions for perfect integration solar installation everywhere. Facebook, Linkedin.


LifEco1984 is another player in the energy sector focusing on energy management, renewable energy and solar solutions. Facebook, Linkedin.


AERES specializes in testing, maintaining, and designing medium to large size photovoltaic plants. Facebook, Linkedin.

Written by Mark Smith

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