Revolutionizing Waste Management: Leading Innovations from Lagos-based Companies


Waste management has emerged as a crucial element towards achieving a sustainable future. In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, a variety of companies are harnessing innovative technologies to manage and recycle waste, thereby revolutionizing the industry. These companies understand that waste is not merely a problem, but also has the potential to be a resource that can catalyze socioeconomic growth and environmental conservation. Here is a list of Lagos-based waste management companies making significant strides in recycling, renewable energy, clean technology and more.

Each company takes unique approaches towards waste management, thus reflecting the diversity and dynamism that characterizes Lagos as a cradle for innovation and entrepreneurship. Despite their differences, they all share a common goal – to turn waste into wealth, clean up the environment, and pave the way for a cleaner, greener and more prosperous future.

By focusing on these pioneering enterprises, we hope to inspire more businesses to join the waste management industry and encourage more investors to back these innovative prospects. Here are the companies paving the way for a greener future in Lagos, Nigeria.


Kaltani is a clean-tech plastic recycling and waste management company that is urgently tackling the global plastic epidemic. The company, located in Lagos, is committed to significantly reducing PET, PE, PP plastic pollution and municipal solid waste through systematic and scalable solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn


Scrapays is a Cleantech Startup that combines recycling, technology, and finance to empower urban city dwellers who survive by operating recycling businesses. They deliver on less than a day recovery cycle for every waste pick up and use an integrated combination of offline and online technology. Find them on LinkedIn


Scrapays is a waste recycling and social benefit venture that operates an incentive-based scheme which collects recyclable materials from post consumers and in turn rewards them with “Points” which they can accumulate and use to redeem/shop for household items. Find them on Linkedin

Metal Circle

Metal Circle offers digital payments and marketplace solutions that provide a seamless metal scrap transaction experience. The company, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is the only all-in-one metal scrap document processing and recycling solution in the country.


Evo3D offers green products/projects in Africa strategic potential. Founded in 2021, they are based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Brickify recycles plastic waste into bricks and furniture items, transforming the perception of waste and its potential. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, find them on Facebook

International Energy Services

International Energy Services provides project management, environmental, analytical laboratory, power, renewable energy, technical recruitment and training, inspection, and technical services. The company also provides sustainable solutions in construction and supply chain management. Find them on LinkedIn

Olakleen Holdings

Olakleen Holdings operates in the Clean Energy, Logistics, and Waste Management sector, providing a range of solutions and services.


Written by Mark Smith

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