Revolutionizing Waste Management: Mississauga’s Innovative Recycling Industry Titans

Recycling is more than just a buzzword. It’s a crucial and rapidly evolving industry that focuses on ethically, efficiently and sustainably reusing the vast amounts of waste we produce. In this respect, Mississauga in Ontario, Canada, is leading the way. The city is the headquarters for a plethora of pioneering recycling companies, innovating and making strides in a range of sectors, from energy recycling to electronic waste management. This article will introduce some distinct companies based in Mississauga that are playing a major role in the recycling industry.

One such notable company is Greyter, a frontrunner in Energy, Recycling, and Renewable Energy sector. Founded by Chris Thompson, John Bell and Mark Sales, Greyter is committed towards sustainable water use. Their unique approach towards water management has earned them recognition and they continue to contribute effectively towards a sustainable future. You can get in touch with them on @greyterwater on Twitter and hear them on LinkedIn for regular updates.


The focus subtlety shifts to battery recycling in the case of Li-Cycle, which also operates in the CleanTech, Recycling and Renewable Energy industry. By resource recovery of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries, founders Ajay Kochhar and Tim Johnston have created a closed loop, economically viable solution for recycling batteries. Li-Cycle is transforming the way we look at end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and you can follow them on @li_cycle, Facebook and Linkedin.

Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies, operating in the Chemical, Energy and Recycling industry, offers a unique forward osmosis process that presents a more efficient way to purify and desalinate water. The founders C Howie Honeyman and Pete Pigott aim to revolutionize how wastewater is remediated. Stay updated about their mission on @Forward_Water, Facebook and LinkedIn.

eCycle Solutions

In the realm of Electronics, Recycling and Waste management eCycle Solutions has marked its prominence. eCycle Solutions is shaping the eco-friendly future of electronic waste management, thanks to their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for disposing of electronics responsibly. They deliver updates on @eCycleSolutions, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Canada Brown

Another remarkable name from the recycling industry is Canada Brown. Known for its expertise in Manufacturing, Packaging Services, Paper Manufacturing, and Recycling, this company is one to watch. Stay connected with their progress on @Canada_Brown, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Electronics Product Recycling Association

Last but certainly not least is the Electronics Products Recycling Association. This not-for-profit organization manages regulated recycling programs for end-of-life electronics, extracting valuable raw materials and ensuring they’re used responsibly. Follow them on @epra_canada and LinkedIn to know more.

These companies are representative of the vibrant, innovative recycling industry in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. By marrying technology and sustainability, each is contributing to a greener, cleaner future. They remind us that responsible recycling and waste management is not just good for the environment, but it’s also good business.

Written by Mark Smith

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