Revolutionizing Waste Management: Pioneering Singaporean Companies leading Global Innovation

In recent years, waste management has transitioned from being an ancillary concern to occupying center stage across global environmental dialogues. Companies are increasingly shifting towards greener operations, and the waste management industry has seen substantial momentum, not just in traditional recycling but also in innovative sectors such as biotechnology, manufacturing, and agriculture. Singapore, in particular, is emerging as a hub for these forward-thinking corporations.

At Futurology, we are leading the charge in shedding light on these game-changing companies. Our goal is to highlight the revolutionary work they do to not only curb the global waste crisis but also foster sustainability. In this series of spotlight articles, we delve into the innovative waste management companies based in Singapore, the Central Region of Singapore, to be precise.

Regardless of their specific fields of work, all these companies are united by their commitment to sustainability. They all play a vital role in tackling one of the biggest challenges our planet faces today: effective waste management. Join us as we journey through the profiles of these pioneering companies.

Nutrition Technologies

Founded by Nick Piggott and Tom Berry, Nutrition Technologies is a biotechnology company focused on reintroducing insects into the global food supply chain. The firm harnesses the natural potential of insects as sustainable commodity ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. Through their innovative approach, they successfully produce significantly more protein per square meter than traditional methods, yielding zero waste. Their products, Hi.Protein®, Hi.Frass®, Hi.Oil®, and Hi.Dried™, all exemplify the company’s commitment to sustainability and revolutionizing the agriculture sector. Read more about the company here.


Alterpacks is a material technology startup that uses organic waste to develop new biodegradable, compostable materials aimed at combating plastic packaging. By upcycling food waste into products of value, Alterpacks offers zero-waste solutions. Founded in 2019, it is based in Singapore. Learn more about the company here.

Sembcorp Industries

Sembcorp Industries is a leading energy, water, and marine group operating across six continents worldwide. With total assets of over S$12.5 billion and more than 9,000 employees, Sembcorp provides essential energy and water solutions to both industrial and municipal customers. It is also a world leader in marine and offshore engineering. More on the company can be found here.

800 Super Holdings

800 Super is an environmental services company offering waste management, waste treatment, cleaning, conservation, and horticultural services. The company provides residential, commercial, and industrial waste collection and recycling services. More about the company can be found here.

NEU Battery Materials

NEU Battery Materials is a startup dedicated to closing the loop for Lithium Ion Batteries, especially for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP). Through its novel patented electrochemical technology, the firm produces sustainable battery grade lithium with near zero waste and minimal emission. Find out more about this company here.


Lumitics offers Insight, a smart food waste tracker that uses sensors and their proprietary image recognition technology. This innovative tool helps restaurants and kitchens identify and weigh the food they waste. More about their work can be found here.

Waste Labs

Waste Labs is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides data-driven insights and recommendations to cities and waste managers to design and operate efficient, sustainable, and scalable waste collection systems. From Singapore to Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK, Waste Labs serves leading waste management companies and sustainable producers worldwide. Learn more about their work here.


Equis focuses on developing renewable energy, bioenergy, waste processing, and recycling infrastructure assets. The company operates across developed markets, with its headquarters based in Singapore. More about Equis can be found here.

The Nurturing Co

Firmly committed to the no-plastic waste future, The Nurturing Co develops and distributes daily use essential products in plastic-free or bulk and refillable, reusable packaging. The company aims to inspire personal reduction and change. Learn more about them here.

Zerowaste Asia (ZA)

Zerowaste Asia (ZA) provides governments and industries with a wide range of waste management solutions. These solutions cover a variety of technologies aimed at keeping the environment safe. More about their work can be found here.

SSI Schaefer

SSI SCHAEFER, founded in 1937, is an owner-operated, German family company. The firm operates in the field of industrial automation, logistics, and waste management and has over 50 subsidiaries worldwide. Whether in industry, trade, commerce, or public organizations, their products are used on all continents, performing tasks efficiently and competently. More about the company can be found here.

These companies demonstrate the capacity for innovation, sustainable thinking and a commitment to environmental responsibility. They are proving that waste management can indeed be integrated into every industry – a trend that is not only good for their business but the world too.

Written by Mark Smith

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