Rome’s Pioneering Sustainability Firms Reshaping the Italian Green Tech Sector

In the midst of a rapidly changing technological landscape, the intersection of sustainability and technology has become more prominent than ever. A handful of companies in Rome, Lazio, Italy are pioneering techniques and implementing practices that are revolutionizing their respective industries while keeping an anchor on sustainability. Here, we highlight some of these companies and their contributions to the sustainability industry.

The commitment to sustainability is evident across a vast spectrum of industries ranging from agriculture and energy to construction and marketing. Each of these sectors presents its unique challenges with regards to sustainability, but these companies have taken them in their stride. Established in the technological hub of Rome, these companies promise a greener and more sustainable future.

Each of the following companies has brought their innovative solutions to the forefront of the sustainability industry. While the road to a fully sustainable world is long and winding, the contributions of these firms bring us a step closer to our goal. Let’s dive deeper into these companies and their remarkable initiatives.


Launched by four Italian innovators, Revotree is a startup aiming to enhance agricultural sustainability. Their AI-assisted app brings modernity to traditional farming techniques, optimizes irrigation and contributes towards improved water efficiency. The startup offers a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing orchards and vineyards. Apart from contributing towards environmental preservation, their technology aids farmers in producing better products.


EnGreen offers solutions to combat climate change, manage rural electrification, and create sustainable housing. Founded by Carlo Tacconelli and Valeria Gambino, EnGreen provides a range of services including off-grid and grid-connected renewable energy systems, sustainable housing, water, sanitation, business incubation, and training.


AVR operates in the construction and waste management sector, promoting sustainable practices and solutions. Their work enables more cost-effective and eco-friendly construction processes, leading to a significant reduction in waste generation.


TheCircle is a unique technology company that combines agriculture, energy, and farming to produce sustainable food and proteins. Their processes do not generate any waste or pollution, further cementing their commitment to developing eco-friendly solutions.

AXIS Structures

AXIS Structures provides easy-to-install and disassemble housing modules, cabins, kiosks, and other structures. They offer valuable services for emergency housing needs and assemble structures for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Grand Challenges Energy Lab

Founded by Giulio Lo Re, Grand Challenges Energy Lab is making strides in the energy and industrial sectors. They present cutting-edge technology and solutions that contribute to the creation of a greener future.


Gioosto operates in the e-commerce platforms and gift card industry, where they incorporate sustainable practices into their business model.


MicroMob aims to harmoniously develop and market short and medium-distance mobility services that have high technological, economic, and eco-sustainable value.


With a focus on research and development, Innovaxion+ offers dynamic and eco-sustainable products and services in the marketing sector.


BMTI is operating in the analytics, government, and sustainability industry, striving to create more efficient and sustainable practices.

Energy Experts

Energy Experts are leading the field of energy and industrial sustainability, providing solutions that are paving the way for a greener future.

Written by Mark Smith

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