Rotterdam Leads in Innovative 3D Technology Industry: Dutch Companies Spotlight

As 3D technology expands to change our everyday experiences, a number of forward-thinking companies are brewing innovative concepts right in the heart of Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. From mobile apps to multimedia agency, these companies are harnessing 3D technology to add an extra dimension to our digital world. This article will put the spotlight on some of these bleeding-edge technology companies; their vision, their offering, their ideas.

The companies are rooted in various industries, ranging from Outdoors, Video Editing, Professional Services to Animation, Digital Media, and beyond. Their inspiring work extends across all facets of 3D technology and are reshaping the way we perceive our digital interactions. Many of these powerhouses also combine this modern technology with complementary fields like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

While these companies may vary in their business models, offerings, and target audiences, they share the same playground – Rotterdam. The technology-powered city has shown a remarkable receptivity towards new-age tech firms, leading to a booming scene of 3D tech leaders. Let us dive deep into these companies and discover what they bring to the table.


Founded by Joris van Kruijssen, Lex Daniels, and Yousef El-Dardiry, Relive aims to revolutionize the outdoor activity experience with a user-friendly app. Mixing 3D technology, mobile apps, outdoors, and video editing, their goal is to provide an immersive and interactive platform where users can track and share their outdoor exploits. Connect with them on their Facebook , Twitter , and LinkedIn pages to stay updated.


ARspar represents a fusion of 3D technology, professional services, and software. Their innovative AR shopping system seamlessly combines payment systems with Augmented Reality (AR) to empower businesses in decision-making. You can reach out to them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.


MCW‘s motive is to create. This creative hub is a confluence point of different studios – Internet, multimedia, 3D visuals and animations, Film, and Sound that takes pride in its holistic storytelling capabilities. Their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages are good places to get a deeper understanding of their work.

De Beeldenfabriek Communicatie

This firm sits at the intersection of 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. De Beeldenfabriek Communicatie specializes in creating compelling visual content. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages are sources of further information about their projects.


SkyEcho plays an influential role in the 3D Technology, Information Technology, and Software world. They provide unique and customized technology solutions.


TecDesign is at the cutting-edge of 3D technology, industrial engineering, and manufacturing. They can be reached through their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


In the realm of 3D Technology, Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing, Studiosjoerdd is transforming ideas into eye-catching designs and stories.

OnDuty Cross Media & More

OnDuty Cross Media & More leverages 3D Technology, Animation, and Film to create engaging and impactful visual narratives.

Outerspace Software

Outerspace Software specializes in 3D Technology, Digital Media and Software. Their team creates intuitive software solutions which can be found on their Facebook page.

Written by Mark Smith

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