San Francisco’s Pioneering Firms Revolutionizing the Augmented Reality Landscape

Welcome to another installment of our augmented reality (AR) series, pre-emptively shining a spotlight on trailblazing companies headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, innovating and setting the pace in the AR industry. These companies are making significant strides in bringing AR technologies to different industries and embody the transformative power of this emerging technology. Leveraging AR, their solutions harmoniously blend digital and physical realities, bringing about enhanced experiences and driving enhanced engagement for users. In this article, we’ll delve into the profiles of these companies, exploring their offerings, their foundations, and how they are reshaping the landscape of AR.

Augmented reality continues to evolve, delivering innovative solutions that are bridging the gap between the digital and physical world. Whether it’s for gaming, training solutions, visual assistance, or video creation, these San Francisco-based businesses are harnessing the power of AR to offer enhanced experiences. As we delve into the profiles of these companies, we’ll get an insight into their origins, unique offerings, and how they are redefining boundaries with AR.

Augmented reality is transforming several industries, including gaming, healthcare, education, and more. Its capacity to overlay virtual elements onto our real-world view offers endless possibilities in various applications. We have curated a list of key AR companies that are changing the game within the AR industry and beyond. These companies, based in San Francisco, are utilizing this revolutionary technology and making waves across the global AR industry with their impressive offerings and innovative solutions.


Unity was founded in 2004 by David Helgason, Joachim Ante, and Nicholas Francis. It is a multiplatform tool and services provider for developers of interactive content. Unity provides anyone, regardless of skill level and industry, with powerful and accessible tools to create, operate, and monetize 3D visual content. Unity’s pioneers have masterfully harnessed the power of technology to maximize usability in creating experiences for the real-time world. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn., founded by Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti, and Shivam Mangla is an AI-powered video creation technology. Their technology creates videos of any person speaking a given text. This empowers clients to create personalized videos for sectors such as training, sales, AR/VR, or giving a face to digital assistants. Its impressive tool suite learns people’s facial features corresponding to spoken audio, then reconstructs realistic facial individualities for new pieces of text or audio narrations. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Leap Motion

Leap Motion’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology by developing 3D motion-control technology for virtual reality and additional platforms. Founded by David Holz and Michael Buckwald, this innovative company’s unique hand tracking technology allows users to interact with new worlds in virtual and augmented reality. They are revolutionizing interaction possibility for VR and AR by embedding their technology into mobile headsets. Keep up with Leap Motion on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Pico Interactive

Pico Interactive, founded by Henry Zhou, is dedicated to creating innovative VR technology solutions. It aims to deliver premium VR products to both consumers and businesses and partner with content creators to bring amazing VR experiences. Boasting more than 300 team members globally, Pico Interactive stands out in product design, R&D, software development, QA, and business development. You can follow Pico Interactive on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Mursion, a company started by Arjun Nagendran and Mark Atkinson, provides immersive simulation for workplace essential skills, leveraging humans and powered by AI. It offers a unique virtual reality platform that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and live actors to deliver personalized simulations in challenging workplace environments. Stay connected with Mursion via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Fyusion, a company started by Pantelis Kalogiros, Radu B. Rusu, and Stefan Holzer, develops products that make images intelligent and beautiful. Fyusion’s technology allows for interactive photorealistic 3D images to be captured on a smartphone or any camera and viewed on any device. Follow Fyusion on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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