San Mateo’s Pioneering Leaders in 3D Technology Innovation: A Futurology Overview


In the bustling heart of San Mateo, California, technology continues to make leaps and bounds in the development of 3D modeling, gaming, health, and fashion industries. A cluster of innovative companies are constructing the future of 3D Technology, shaping the way we interact with digital and physical dimensions. Join us as we embark on a digital tour of the companies that are imbuing every pixel and prototype with groundbreaking technological advances.

These established companies are employing 3D technology in an array of exciting applications from body scanning systems to interactive eSports platforms, 3D printing solutions, and innovative software for digital asset creation. Emphasizing both the development and commercialization of technology, they are treading new paths for others to follow.

These companies, although diverse in their areas of expertise, share a common foundation – San Mateo, California. Thriving in this global centre for technological advancement, they are an integral part of the wider ecosystem in the region and are writing new chapters every day in the annals of the 3D Technology industry’s evolution.

BoomTV, founded by Ha Viet Nguyen and Sumit Gupta, is an Esports entertainment platform that provides tools to automate score tracking, streaming, and esports events. It enables communities to easily produce and partake in virtual Esports. Follow them on @boomtv3d, visit their page on Facebook or check their Linkedin profile.


Fit3D, a company amongst others founded by Elaine Podulka and Greg Moore, is a 3d body scanning company providing scanners and analytic services to the fitness and wellness industry. Look them up on @fit3d, their Facebook account, and their Linkedin profile.


Campfire, spearheaded by Alexander Turin and Jay Wright, focuses on 3D collaboration for design and engineering workflows. Keep up with them on @Campfire3D and their Linkedin page.

Mixed Dimensions

Established by Baha Abunojaim and Mo Taslaq, Mixed Dimensions merges the physical and digital worlds. Discover more on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Leopoly 3D & VR

Leopoly, initiated by Zoltán Kárpáti and Roland Mányai, provides tailored 3D and XR solutions. Catch up with them on and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jill Woodman and Nicholas Woodman, GoPro is a household name in personal cameras, particularly those used in extreme action video photography. Follow them on @GoPro, Facebook and their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Dmitry Popov and Yuliya Raquel, Tailornova is a pioneer in web-based 3D Fashion Design SaaS. Stay connected with them on @tailornovatech, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging

Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging provides comprehensive scanning services. Learn more about them on their Twitter page, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Collabria, is the creator of the Intelligent Print Workplace™, solving inefficiencies in print industry through Internet-based solutions. Connect with them on their website.


Written by Mark Smith

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