Silicon Innovations: Profiling Hayward’s Pioneering Semiconductor Industry Leaders

Semiconductor companies with headquarters in Hayward, California are moving the needle closer towards bleeding-edge technology daily. These companies are not only propelling their respective industries forwards but pushing boundaries and experimenting with unprecedented advancements. Let’s take a closer look at these companies that are disrupting the Automotive, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, and Semiconductor sector in their own unique ways.

Hayward, California is home to an assortment of leading-edge companies, including Ultra Clean Holdings, Seeo, Advantek, Marchi Thermal Systems, OptiSolar R&D, aBeam Technologies, Dynacom, SMG Technology Innovations, IGC, and Thermionics Metal Processing. These companies are significantly contributing to the industry by developing and deploying their innovations.

Each of these companies brings something special to the table – diverse technological expertise, a powerful mission, and unwavering vision. Their hard work and innovation are evident in their compelling product offerings and remarkable growth.

Ultra Clean Holdings

Ultra Clean Holdings is a forerunner in the design, engineering, and manufacture of critical subsystems and turnkey solutions servicing a variety of industries. The company offers a broad spectrum of services to original equipment manufacturers ranging from design, engineering, system assembly, testing, and global supply chain management. Ultra Clean Holdings was co-founded by Hisayoshi Kobayashi. Learn more about them on their Linkedin page or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Co-founded by Hany Eitouni, Ilan Gur, and Mohit Singh, Seeo is a pioneer in the creation of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries based on a nano-structured polymer electrolyte. Visit their Linkedin page for more.


Advantek is a lead supplier of precise component delivery systems integral to the assembly of a multitude of goods including computers, mobile phones, LED lights, medical components, and more. You can learn more about them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Marchi Thermal Systems

Providing solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in semiconductor, solar, LED industries, Marchi Thermal Systems designs and manufactures patent-protected thermal systems. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

OptiSolar R&D

OptiSolar R&D uses a proprietary thin-film amorphous silicon technology to develop and manufacture photovoltaic solar panels. Their manufacturing and intellectual property assets were purchased by EPOD Solar.

aBeam Technologies

Offering products to improve semiconductor manufacturing and nanofabrication, aBeam Technologies are pioneers in their industry. Visit their Linkedin page to learn more.


Dynacom is a specialist in the Electronics, Manufacturing, Semiconductor, and Telecommunications industry. Follow their journey via their Facebook page.

SMG Technology Innovations

Providing a variety of solutions and parts for printed circuit boards, SMG Technology Innovations plays a key role in the Semiconductor and Supply Chain Management arena. More about them can be found on their Linkedin page.


IGC, a builder, marketer, and consolidator of semiconductor solutions and businesses, is catering to the growing Data Center, Energy, Semiconductor, and Wireless sectors. Visit their Linkedin page for more information.

Thermionics Metal Processing

Thermionics Metal Processing provides vacuum solutions to academic, scientific, and research institutions. Further details can be discovered on their Linkedin page.

Written by Mark Smith

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