Singapore’s Jurong West: Spotlight on Innovative Energy Industry Leaders

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In the bustling city of Jurong West, located within Singapore’s West Region, an energy revolution is fermenting. With an ecosystem of advanced energy sector businesses based here, the area has become a magnet for leading-edge enterprises in the Energy sector. From start-ups innovating in wireless power technology to mature companies focusing on renewable energies or even oil gas industry, Jurong West possesses a diverse spectrum of enterprises relentlessly pushing the boundaries to create sustainable and efficient energies. Today, we highlight the game-changing companies based in this vibrant region.

Xnergy Autonomous Power Technologies

Founded by CF Tong and Xiaolei Hu, Xnergy is a key player in the Energy and Wireless industry. They are pioneering several innovative projects aimed at transforming energy sector as we know it. The company has quite a progressive presence on LinkedIn.

Canopy Power

Co-founded by Sujay Malve and Xiang Li, Canopy Power is a leader in the Consumer Electronics, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries. Their work serves customers throughout South East Asia and Pacific by designing, building and financing optimized renewable energy microgrid solutions. This enables substantial cost savings for their users while reducing pollution and CO2 emission.

Mun Siong Engineering

Mun Siong Engineering has long been a staple in the Energy, Industrial Engineering, and Oil and Gas industries of Singapore. Their profile can be found on LinkedIn.


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Written by Mark Smith

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