Solar Industry Innovators: Highlighting Houston-Based Companies Shaping Texas’ Energy Future

As we harness the power of the sun to transform the world’s energy production, pioneering companies in the solar industry are making luminous strides in renewable energy. Innovation isn’t confined to Silicon Valley or other tech hotspots, and Houston, a city synonymous with the traditional energy sector, is becoming a thriving center of innovation for solar energy. This article puts the spotlight on vibrant companies based in Houston that are making significant contributions to the solar industry.

Houston’s wealth of experience and expertise in the energy sector has created a fertile ground for impressive forays into renewable energy, with solar power being a major player. Companies across the spectrum, from multinational corporations to tech startups, are seizing the moment and revolutionizing how we produce, manage, and think about energy. They’re harnessing the incredible power of the Houston sun – an unlimited source teeming with potential in the fight against climate change.

This exploration is part of a series that shines a light on the innovative companies operating in the solar industry. We’ll delve into who they are, what they do, and how they’re shaping the future of energy. They’re opening up opportunities for customers, local industries, and future generations. Join us as we illuminate the trailblazers turning Houston into a beacon of solar energy innovation.


Founded by John Berger, Jordan Fruge, and Lynda Attaway, Sunnova is a leading residential solar company providing nationwide solar service through its network of local installation partners. Sunnova is making solar energy affordable and reliable, servicing contracts with homeowners for years to come and championing local economies across the nation via their partnerships. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Lancium Technologies

Lancium Technologies was founded by Michael McNamara. The company is making waves in the energy industry by using distributed parallel computing to enable the growth of renewable energy. They operate data centers that bring incremental demand directly to the power source. Check out their work on their website and stay connected with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Goodrich Petroleum Corporation

Founded by Henry Goodrich, the Goodrich Petroleum Corporation is a dominant player in the oil and energy industry. They offer exploration, development, and production services and have an established presence in the renewable energy sector. Visit their website for more information.

inerG, Inc.

Founded by Celestine Vettical, inerG, Inc. simplifies, accelerates, and optimizes the economic performance of energy asset portfolios. Stay updated with them on their website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile.

Harvest Natural Resources

Harvest Natural Resources Inc. is an independent energy company involved in the acquisition, development, production, and disposition of oil and natural gas properties. Trading under the NYSE symbol HNR, they have a diversified global resource base. Interested? Visit their website.

Ennuity Holdings

Founded by Nisha Desai, Ennuity Holdings is blazing a trail in the industry by providing an electricity subscription service from real solar farms. Check out their website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile for more.

Evolve Energy

Founded by Michael Lee and Samit Shah in 2018, Evolve Energy is leveraging AI and IoT to help consumers reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Stay updated with them on their website, Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

C&J Energy Services

Launched by Josh Comstock, C&J Energy Services is an independent provider of a wide array of oilfield services. Catch up on their website, Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Ignite Solar

Ignite Solar engineers utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. They bring vast experience in the deployment of innovative technologies in the PV industry. Find out more about them on their website.

El Paso Corporation

The El Paso Corporation is a seasoned force in the energy scene, providing natural gas and related energy products reliably and efficiently. Their webpage and LinkedIn profile provide more insight into their work.

EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables operates in the renewable energy sphere. Connect with them via their website and on Facebook and Twitter.

In the bright and exciting world of solar energy, these Houston-based companies are luminous. Harnessing the abundant sunshine, they will continue to make groundbreaking strides towards a cleaner and sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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