Solar Innovation Hubs: Profiling Marlborough, Massachusetts Enterprises

Welcome to the latest installment of our series, highlighting innovative and groundbreaking companies making strides in the solar industry, and all operating out of Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States. This New England town is a hub for renewable energy pioneers, all making significant contributions to the expanding solar sector. In this article, we’ll explore seven local companies revolutionizing solar energy in their unique ways.

From grid-scale power storage to residential solar installations, these companies are reshaping our energy landscape. Not only are they harnessing the power of the sun, but they’re also providing a range of services and manufacturing world-class products that further advance their industry’s growth and development. Each company serves as a beacon of innovation, exhibiting the versatility and vitality of the renewable energy sector.

Join us as we introduce each of these companies, detailing their individual journeys and showcasing their incredible contributions to the world of solar power. Discover the companies at the forefront of the solar industry, driving sustainability, and creating a greener planet right from Marlborough.


Founded by David Bradwell, Donald Sadoway, and Luis Ortiz, Ambri is at the forefront of energy storage technology. Established in 2010, the company aims to revolutionize grid-scale power storage with its battery technology capable of significantly reducing operational cost. The innovative tech is set to enable a broader application of sustainable energy resources and the development of more efficient power systems. Find out more about Ambri’s breakthroughs on their website,, and follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Concentric Energy Advisors

Renewable energy consulting meets groundbreaking solutions with Concentric Energy Advisors. Founded by John J. Reed, the company offers consulting services across the energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors. More about Concentric Energy Advisors and their work can be found on their website and LinkedIn.


Boundless is a solar power company that is dedicated to renewable energy solutions for residential areas. Offering a range of services from solar installations to consultations and financing, Boundless is a one-stop-shop for local solar energy needs. Find more about their offerings on their website and through their social media on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Endless Energy

Endless Energy offers energy services with a focus on solar technology. Follow their solar journey on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Brightstar Solar

Founded by Mona Reese, Brightstar Solar is committed to creating cleaner and more efficient energy sources with their solar panel design and installation services. More about their work can be found on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Progeny Solar

Dedicated to delivering high quality PV solar panels specifically for the European market, Progeny Solar is making strides in solar manufacturing. Short lead times for European customers underline the company’s commitment to efficiency and customer service. Check their website and LinkedIn for updates.

In conclusion, the work being done in Marlborough demonstrates the ongoing progress of the solar industry. Stay tuned as we continue to profile the exceptional companies redefining the solar sector.

Written by Mark Smith

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