Solar Innovations: Spotlight on Lund’s Groundbreaking Swedish Energy Enterprises

The city of Lund, Skåne län, in southern Sweden has become a hub of solar energy innovation. Nestled within this historic Scandinavian town is a blossoming industry of enterprises that harness the power of the sun to provide clean, sustainable energy to the world. These companies, with a myriad of focuses from nanotechnology to software, are leading the charge towards a more eco-friendly future.

With a global shift towards sustainability and renewable energy, we are entering a critical era of innovation as companies worldwide are looking to the sun for solutions. Based in Skåne län, companies such as Sol Voltaics, Qoitech, Solar4Schools and others are pushing the boundaries of technology and knowledge to bring solar power to homes, businesses, and schools alike.

This article series will spotlight the leading solar energy companies based in Lund for a closer look at the kind of work they do, their founding teams, and their vision for a sun-powered future. You will find a short biography of each of these home-grown pioneers of the solar industry and learn about their commitment to green technology and renewable energy.

Sol Voltaics

Founded by Lars Samuelson, Sol Voltaics is a nanotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing highly efficient third-generation solar cells. With a focus on proprietary heterostructured nanowire epitaxial growth and process technologies, Sol Voltaics aims to revolutionize the clean energy industry. Follow their progress on Twitter (@Sol_Voltaics) or on their LinkedIn page.


Established by Vanja Samuelsson, Qoitech began inside Sony Mobile Communications before being spun off in 2019. Qoitech provides energy optimization solutions for electronics powered by both batteries and various energy harvesting technologies. They cater to the significant need in the industry for low energy consumption and cost-effective energy sources. Stay updated with them on Twitter (@QoitechWorld) and on their LinkedIn page.


Kraftringen is an energy company deeply committed to leading the development of future energy sources. With over 500 employees designing innovative energy solutions, Kraftringen stands as a testament to Sweden’s commitment to the green energy cause. Follow their journey on Twitter (@Kraftringen) or on their Facebook page.


Pioneering the green technology industry, Solar4Schools provides solar energy solutions for the education sector. By integrating solar power into schools across the globe, they are centering renewable energy in educational infrastructures, thus shaping a future of environmental awareness and commitment. Connect with them on Twitter (@solar4schools1), on their Facebook page or on their LinkedIn page.


GRØNBID is a unique platform that connects local communities to create purchasing groups for solar panels. They are revolutionizing the way solar panels are purchased, encouraging community-led initiatives for a sustainable future. Follow their work on their Facebook page.

Changemaker in Slums

Changemaker in Slums is a non-profit organization using solar power to transform education and information technology in low-income areas. They stand at the intersection of education, technology, and solar energy, making them a unique player in the renewable energy sector. Connect with them on their Facebook page or on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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