Spotlight on Singapore’s Central Region: Pioneering Precious Metals Tech Innovations

The city-state of Singapore, located in the Central Region, is not only a global commerce, finance and transport hub, but also the headquarters of many innovative industry leaders in the Precious Metals sector. These businesses demonstrate the city’s forward-thinking approach to creating a more sustainable future through advancements in technology and business practices. This article highlights some of the most intriguing Singapore-based companies in the Precious Metals industry.

These companies exhibit a range of unique specializations and functions, from creating cryptocurrency backed by precious metals, to providing eco-friendly waste management and disposal services. They exhibit the potential of exploring new technologies and industries, as well as the future advancements of established businesses.

Singapore’s business-friendly climate, robust infrastructure, and strategic geographic location make it a prime location for companies in the precious metals industry.


CACHE is a groundbreaking company in the field of cryptocurrency and precious metals, founded by Brian Hankey. They offer a gold token called “CACHE Gold Token (CGT)” which is fully redeemable, regulated, and backed by one pure gram of gold. This innovative approach combines the allure of gold with the benefits of crypto assets for the 21st century. For more information, visit them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.


Founded by Torgny Persson and Joakim Andersson, Bullionstar is a unique bullion dealer based in Singapore. They provide a full-service bullion shop, showroom, and vault where users have complete control of their transactions. The company is committed to ensuring unparalleled transparency and offers its clients the opportunity to view, buy, sell, and even physically withdraw their bullion in one location. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

InnoTek Limited

InnoTek Limited is a precision metal components manufacturer, serving consumer electronics, office automation and mobility device industries. It offers precision metal stamping, tools and die design, fabrications, integrated processes and assembly, catering to Japanese and European end-customers.

SGDX Singapore Diamond Exchange

SGDX or Singapore Diamond Exchange, spearheaded by Dato Sri Teo Tsoon Yong, is the world’s first marketplace offering 100 percent backing for both diamonds and precious metals. Providing a transparent pricing system and liquidity for customers, it covers trading, investment, wholesale, and retail sectors. SGDX operates a platform driven by real-time data transactions, matching supply and demand accordingly. Connect with SGDX on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

AarTee Commodities

AarTee Commodities is a global metals supply chain and manufacturing specialist. Operating internationally, the AARTEE Group is involved in everything from sourcing and transporting metals to production and fabrication.


SGPMX offers diverse services catering to asset management, jewelry, logistics, precious metals, and trading platform industries. Follow their activities on Facebook or Twitter.

OM Holding

OM Holdings Limited is a vertically integrated manganese ore and ferroalloy company. They mine and trade raw ores, as well as smelt and market the processed ferroalloys. Their products are distributed worldwide from their Asia-Pacific base. More about OM Holdings can be found on LinkedIn.

HG Metal

HG Metal Manufacturing produces and distributes steel and provides one-stop, end-to-end solutions for their clients. Its value-added services include steel finishing and customization services, logistics, and shipping. More info on HG Metal Manufacturing can be found on LinkedIn.


DeGrille specializes in Invisible Grille, Autogate, Carpet Grass, Solar Film, Customised Metal Work and Vinyl Flooring. They are committed to high product quality and excellent services. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Environmental Solutions

Headed by Quek Leng Chuang, Environmental Solutions provides consulting services for waste management. They specialize in eco-friendly waste disposal services for the GreenTech, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Precious Metals sectors. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Metech Intl

Metech International is a leading figure in environmental consulting sector, offering unique services like supply chain management, wastewater management, and production of lab-grown diamonds.

Written by Mark Smith

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