Subiaco’s Pioneering Firms Transforming the Future of Precious Metals Industry

Subiaco, Western Australia, is a hub for various companies operating in the precious metals industry. These organizations not only contribute significantly to the global precious metals market but also employ innovative technologies to enhance mining and processing techniques. This article is dedicated to showcasing some of these front-runners. Their efforts to remould the world of precious metals, along with their unique approaches to environmental stewardship and community engagement, strengthen Australia’s industry presence.

These companies are not only linked by their geographical location but also by their shared commitment to responsible mining practices. A closer look at their business models shows a deep focus on sustainability, local partnerships, and the desire to leave a positive socio-economic footprint. This article will present each company’s profile and offer insights into their mining operations, founding members, and means to explore their rich internet presence.

Supported by a strong workforce and led by experienced founders, these companies continue to fortify Australia’s reputation in the precious metals industry. With their focus on natural resources, mining technology and precious metals, they are carving a niche for themselves and setting an exemplary standard for others to follow. The following sections are a tribute to these game-changers who continue to redefine the future of mining and exploration.

Cyprium Metals

Based in Subiaco, Western Australia, Cyprium Metals is an emergent player in the natural resources and precious metals industry. While the company has ambitious plans to grow into a mid-tier mining business, its current focus lies in managing a portfolio of copper projects to deliver vital natural resources. The founders and the team work relentlessly towards accomplishing this goal.

Altech Chemicals

Altech Chemicals Limited, co-founded by Iggy Tan, and Shane Volk, operates in the mining and precious metals industry. The company aims to become one of the leading producers of 99.99% high purity alumina through the construction and operation of a HPA plant in Malaysia. The feedstock for this plant will be sourced from the company-owned kaolin deposit in Meckering, Western Australia. Connect with Altech Chemicals on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Perseus Mining

Perseus Mining Limited, co-founded by Reginald Gillard, operates in the mining, mining technology, and precious metals industries. The ASX/TSX Code: PRU company is known as one of the world’s most successful gold explorers with a keen focus on under-explored gold belts in West Africa. Connect with Perseus Mining on LinkedIn.

Lucapa Diamond

An emerging global diamond company, Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd was founded by Stephen Wetherall. Lucapa has a diversified portfolio of mining, development, and exploration assets in Angola, Lesotho, Australia, and Botswana.

Troy Resources

Troy Resources Limited, a junior gold producer, has operations at Karouni in Guyana, Casposo in San Juan Province, Argentina and Andorinhas in Para State, Brazil. Troy Resources prioritizes fast-track mine development, low-cost operations, strategic acquisitions, and exploration discoveries. Connect with Troy Resources on LinkedIn.

Podium Minerals

Podium Minerals, located in Subiaco, focuses on platinum group metals, gold, and base metals. It straddles both exploration and resource development sectors of the industry.


Operating in the mining and precious metals industry, OreCorp was founded by Michael Klessens. For further details, you can connect with OreCorp on LinkedIn.

Titan Minerals

Founded with a focus on mineral, mining, and precious metals, Titan Minerals operates from Subiaco, Western Australia. Visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Plymouth Minerals

Founded by Adrian Byass, Plymouth Minerals is an exploration company that focuses on the exploration and development of natural resource projects, particularly two large potash projects in Gabon. Connect with Plymouth Minerals on LinkedIn.

Caravel Minerals

Subiaco-based Caravel Minerals is a player in the mineral, mining, and precious metals industry. For additional company information, connect with them on LinkedIn.

Auroch Minerals

Auroch Minerals stands out in the mining and exploration of minerals. Operating from Subiaco, Western Australia, Auroch Minerals aims to create a lucrative portfolio by discovering, exploring, and eventually developing minerals. Connect with Auroch Minerals on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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