Sustainable Energy Innovations: Examining Suzhou-based Companies in China

China is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry with its major cities housing many innovative energy companies. Suzhou, a city located in Jiangsu province, is no exception. Known for its canals, bridges, and classical gardens, the city is also rapidly becoming a global hotspot for energy technology. Boasting a wide array of companies that specialize in everything from clean energy to nanotechnology and electric vehicles. Exploring the energy landscape in this part of China reveals a flourishing scene that signals the future of the industry.

The sheer number and diversity of energy companies in Suzhou is a testament to the city’s vibrant industry. Many of these companies are not just making strides locally, but also have a global presence, indicating the significant role Suzhou plays in the energy industry worldwide. From businesses with a focus on clean energy, such as Suzhou Kerun New Materials, or others working on creating future-forward solutions such as Unisic, Suzhou is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

As we dive into an exploration of these companies, it’s clear that each carries a unique approach towards the energy industry and future of technology. However, they all share a common thread – a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and improving the way we use and consume energy. Let’s take a closer look at these pioneering companies:

Suzhou Kerun New Materials

The brainchild of Mr. Yang Dawei, Suzhou Kerun New Materials is one of the leading enterprises focusing on the R&D and production of perfluorinated ion membranes. The company is deeply involved in clean energy production, creating materials for fuel cell proton exchange membranes, vanadium batteries, and hydrogen production through electrolysis. This dedication to clean energy technology makes it a crucial player in Suzhou’s energy industry.


Dedicated to the design and manufacture of silicon carbide core power components, Unisic is a rising star in the energy industry. Their innovative products have a wide range of applications from aviation to new energy power generation and oil exploration, showcasing the company’s versatile solutions for the industry.

Nuovo Film

Founded in 2012 by Hak Poon, Nuovo Film Inc strives to develop next-generation core materials for the renewable energy and display industries. The company’s products have multiple applications, including touch screens, thin-film solar, functional film/conductive ink, LED lighting, flexible displays, and LCD display applications. Their commitment to innovation is clear with their mission to provide cutting-edge technology and high-performance products to companies worldwide.

Founded by Li Lei, has carved a niche in multiple industries such as automotive, electric vehicle, energy, and sales. Despite its diverse portfolio, their innovation and dedication to futuristic technology remain their defining trait.

Kangwo Power

Specializing in energy and manufacturing, Kangwo Power is a company taking the energy industry by storm. Their focus on creating effective and efficient energy solutions sets them apart in this competitive landscape.


Situated at the intersection of energy, environmental consulting, and transportation, Ankao is a company that embodies the spirit of Suzhou’s vibrant energy industry. With their innovative approach and dedication to sustainable energy solutions, they are making a significant contribution to the future of energy technology.


A result of the innovative vision of Min Huang, GoodWe stands as a beacon of success within Suzhou’s vibrant energy sector. This company is a trailblazer in renewable energy manufacturing, creating diverse solutions that cater to energy needs on a global scale.

Zhongna Energy

As a provider of rechargeable batteries for a multitude of vehicles and energy storage solutions, Zhongna Energy is making waves in the battery industry. This company has made its mark not just in Suzhou, but also on the world stage, illuminating the international impact of the city’s energy sector.

Qingtao Development

As one of Suzhou’s contributors to the energy industry, Qingtao Development showcases the diverse and dynamic scene of the city’s energy landscape. With their dedication to the energy industry and innovation, they are bound to make a lasting impact.

Suzhou Maxwell Technologies

Suzhou Maxwell Technologies is another key player. The company excels in renewable energy manufacturing, contributing to the growing spectrum of energy solutions in Suzhou.

GCL Energy Technology

Finishing our list is GCL Energy Technology, a company that is reshaping the future of energy with their innovative clean energy solutions. Their focus on electrical distribution and energy management shows a commitment to creating a sustainable future.

While each of these companies has its unique role in Suzhou’s energy landscape, together they are forming the city’s reputation as a powerhouse in the global energy sector. They are not only shaping the future of Suzhou but also contributing to the future of energy technology worldwide. As these companies continue to grow and innovate, the world will certainly be watching.

Written by Mark Smith

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