Sustainable Innovation: Spotlight on Dalton, Georgia’s Green Tech Enterprises


The city of Dalton, Georgia, renowned as the “Carpet Capital of the World”, is also a vibrant hub for sustainability-focused enterprises. From eco-friendly flooring to renewable energy, companies headquartered in Dalton are showing an inspiring commitment to Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Protection of the environment, and Implementing long-term positive practices. This article celebrates some of these enterprises that are at the forefront of creating a better planet for all.

The highlighted companies specialize in various industries from manufacturing to energy management, all with a common cause of championing sustainability. Each company bio includes links to their websites and social media platforms, providing a deeper look into their services and initiatives.

Despite the diversity within their sectors, these companies reflect Dalton’s vibrant business landscape that is not only economically sound but environmentally conscious as well. Let’s experience their journey.

Healthier Choice Flooring

Healthier Choice Flooring, a Dalton-based enterprise focused on manufacturing and retail, is an essential player in the sustainability industry. They strongly believe in making environmentally conscious choices in all aspects. For progressive updates and to get involved, check out their profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sustainable Corrugated

Sustainable Corrugated offers eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging solutions, keeping sustainability at its core. Their commitment to environmentally responsible business practices is reflected through their products and services. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Philadelphia Commercial

Philadelphia Commercial brings sustainability to the commercial and e-commerce landscape with their broad range of eco-friendly flooring products. They ensure style without compromise on substance through their offerings. Catch their latest projects and sustainability efforts on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Energy Price Management group

The Energy Price Management Group is a crucial player in the renewable energy and sustainability sector in Dalton, paving the way for a sustainable future. They guide businesses to make energy-efficient choices, thus, playing a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Toccoa Mats

Toccoa Mats specializes in the manufacturing and recycling of rubber and plastics, providing sustainable solutions in the industry. Their eco-friendly practices contribute significantly to Dalton’s reputation as the hub for sustainable businesses. Engage with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Flexstar provides manufacturing, packaging services based on sustainable practices. Their innovative products not only serve their customers but also protect the environment. To stay updated on their sustainable contributions and initiatives, follow them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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