Sweden’s Stockholm: Epicenter of Innovative Clean Energy Solutions

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has long been a bustling hub for tech and environmentally conscious business. It’s no surprise that the city has given birth to some of the top innovating companies in the Clean Energy industry, harnessing renewable resources to power the future sustainably. As the world grapples with pressing environmental concerns, the significance and impact of these businesses are growing each day. This only means that more focus will be directed towards clean energy in the race to save our environment. Let’s cast an eye over some of the pioneers in this field located right in the heart of Stockholm:


Established by Paolo Cerruti and Peter Carlsson in 2016, Northvolt develops sustainable lithium-ion batteries supporting clean energy. It lays emphasis on environmental safety, producing environmentally friendly batteries with minimal carbon footprints. Missioned to replace fossil fuels with electricity efficiently, the company aims at providing sustainable battery cells and systems.


Being one of Sweden’s leading electricity grid companies, Ellevio‘s knowledge in electricity grids is unparalleled. Offering solid expertise in distribution, Ellevio works focused on its future objectives, ongoing projects, and work culture. History and company details are available on the website.


Founded by Janne Wallenius, LeadCold works on nuclear power to disrupt traditional and renewable power sources.


Novatron is revolutionizing the energy industry by developing a new proprietary fusion power concept in association with physicists, engineers, and academia.

Bright Energy

Bright Energy, founded by David Forsberg and Lars Roth, is a Swedish electricity company offering hourly rates on electricity to households and companies. Through real-time price information and upcoming 24-hour price forecasts, customers can reduce electricity costs and environmental impact.

Solelia Greentech

Headed by Carolina Johansson, Solelia Greentech provides solutions for charging electric vehicles with 100% solar energy. With the addition of affordable and personal branding services, the company is an all-in-one solution for environmentally friendly vehicle charging.


Founded in 2016 by a team including Audun Sommerli Time, Henning Hverven, Stefano Romano and Wolfgang Moser, NextFuel aims to replace non-renewable sources with a CO2-negative copy of fossil fuels. Its clean alternative to traditional fuel is potentially a game-changer in the clean energy landscape.


SEEC AB, an initiative of founders Jan Thorburn and Jean Nicou, markets energy stores with energy modules for large buildings. They aim to revolutionize both domestic and international energy markets.


Under the leadership of Deniz Zx, Nextenergylabs is working toward developing a battery that never needs charging. Its goal is to power cities and countries with an unlimited energy source, eliminating the need for oil, solar, wind, and fossil fuel.


ENWELL is another forward-thinking company in the Clean Energy sector based in Stockholm, pushing the boundaries in the renewable energy field.


Established by David Lukinius, Everenergy is working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. The organization is singularly focused on facilitating an continental transition to renewable energy via sustainable routes.

The combined power of these innovative companies is giving Stockholm the potential to be at the forefront of the clean energy revolution. With their commitment to sustainable practices, advanced technologies, and a vision for a cleaner future, these companies are setting a new standard for clean energy.

Written by Mark Smith

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