Swiss Environmental Consulting Leaders Innovating Futuristic Solutions in Zug

Located in Zug, one of the most active and cutting edge tech regions in the world, is a group of companies leading the charge when it comes to sustainable practices and environmental innovation. These groups are spearheading the future of environmental consulting, with a strong focus on technologies such as blockchain, energy, and water conservation, providing solutions for a more sustainable world.

Included within this select group are companies such as Open Forest Protocol, Thommen Group, CAERO, AquaPlus, Jendra Power, and Farnung. Each company has a unique approach and is dedicated to its own select blend of environmental consulting activities. To shed light on these forward-thinking groups, we have created a compilation of distinct descriptions and insights about each.

Here is a closer look at some of these pioneering companies that are shaping a more sustainable future from their headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol is a groundbreaking platform operating at the intersection of blockchain and environmental consulting. Founded by Aureline Grange, Frederic Fournier, and Michael Kelly, the Open Forest Protocol is dedicated to creating open source projects based on a public blockchain platform. Their work primarily focuses on the verification and reporting of forest data, thereby helping to measure, verify, and fund forestation projects. Whether it is a change organization, government entity, or individual, Open Forest Protocol has made it its mission to assist in efforts to combat climate change.

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Thommen Group

The Thommen Group is a distinguished entity within the environmental consulting sector, with particular expertise in recycling. Despite the information regarding the founders being undisclosed, the company continues to pioneer ingenious sustainable solutions, emphasizing environmental engineering endeavours.



CAERO is a mover and shaker in the energy and environmental consulting spaces, with their prime focus being on renewable energy solutions. While the information about the founders isn’t publicly available, CAERO has still managed to create a huge impact in the renewable energy sector, driving innovation and paving the way for a carbon-neutral future.



AquaPlus, co-founded by Adam El Agez, provides comprehensive solutions for environmental and water protection. They strongly support projects related to ecology, providing technical and thematic expertise. From fish protection and bed load remediation to habitat modelling and residual water remediation, AquaPlus addresses various pressing ecological concerns.


Jendra Power

Jendra Power is a leading entity in the renewable energy and environmental consulting sectors. Specializing in solar energy and the broader energy sector, Jendra Power seeks to promote and implement innovative renewable energy solutions to combat environmental degradation and climate change.



Farnung stands out as a leader in the realms of environmental consulting and project management. This company is widely recognized for its multifaceted approach towards addressing environmental issues, with their focus being equally allocated to management consulting and developing innovative, sustainable solutions.


Written by Mark Smith

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